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As our name implies, we are (mostly) retired folks (singles and couples) who live in and around the Austin area and who all  share a love for the Adventures of Travel.
    All you need is the desire to travel, or hear from other travelers. That's it!     Join us at our next event! 

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Carolyn Barkley's Blog!

Carolyn Barkley, one of our most seasoned travelers, writes a very interesting Travel Blog about her extensive travels, complete with photos.     Check it out!

 Ann Cabot Discovers Réunion

Ann Cabot
discovered a picturesque, though remote island named Réunion.   Governed by France, the island lies East of Madagascar, off the East coast of Southern Africa.  
   Link to view Réunion photos

our Next Travel Chat Event... 

The next Travel Chat is scheduled for 2 PM on January 20, 2022. It will be virtual only, via Zoom, no in-person meeting this time due to you-know-what.

Contact Ann at to be added to the notification email list.

Zoom: Please email Ann ( in advance if you plan to use the Zoom option and do not already have the login link.

For the February 17th meeting, Nava will show her photos from  Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. They will be the continuation of her round-the-world trip that she began sharing with us a few months ago.

Hot Travel News

Airliners might someday have only 1 pilot. (1/18)

Turkey Is Now Türkiye. (1/18)

Bask Bank svgs acct earns AA frequent flyer miles. (1/18) 

The real reason airlines oppose cellular 5G? (1/18)

Huge cash penalties for hotel cancellations. (1/18)

Roche, Siemens Omicron tests avail in 2 wks? (1/18)

China suspends direct incoming flights. (1/18)

Hilton eliminating free breakfast, or not. (1/17)

"Energy healer" publicizes issues after flight. (1/17)

What to do if an airline 'does you wrong'. (1/17)

Under pressure, BOA cancels fraudulent taxi fare. (1/16)

Pax sat inside the wings of this 1931 airliner. (1/16)

US national vax card, but limited for Texans. (1/16)

Best months for Alaska cruising. (1/16)

Unruly air pax incidents drop 50%. (1/16)

Where vax'd Americans can travel. (1/16)

UK may this month drop testing for int'l travel. (1/16)

Home covid tests are now covered by ins. (1/16)

Belize announces new safe travel rules. (1/15)

Rules, regs for travel to many destinations. (1/15)

Most popular 2022 destinations. (1/15)

Cruise ships can set their own covid rules. (1/15)

Tiki bar renaissance in New Orleans. (1/15)

AA cracking down on senior FAs selling good trips. (1/15)

Big booster problem for visitors to France. (1/15)

BinaxNOW test not OK for Dubai to US flights? (1/15)

FedEx wants anti-missle system on its planes. (1/15)

Progress toward supersonic airliners. (1/15)

Norse Atlantic to startup this spring, US to Oslo. (1/15)

January is best month to book cruises, air. (1/14)

New rules, fees for electric vehicle (EV) rentals. (1/14)

150,000 United FF miles card offer. $99 annual fee. (1/14)

Hawai'i may require booster for visitors. (1/14)

Airline travel waivers for NE USA. (1/14)

"Flight attendant" atop world's tallest bldg. (1/14)

AA extends expiration of Systemwide Upgrades. (1/14)

Regional airlines struggle in pandemic. (1/13)

Amazon has 3M N95 masks, 20 for $25. (1/13)

Delta extends validity of eCredits. (1/13)

Israel re-opens for visitors. (1/13)

Smart ways Quebec boosts vax rates. (1/13)

Senior AA flight attandants sell trips to junior FAs. (1/13)

New Israel covid info site for tourists. (1/13)

Mexican states get vax mandates. (1/13)

Cruise lines using quarantine ships for + crew. (1/13)

UK Queen's Plat Jubilee schedule. (1/12)

New voluntary covid rules for cruise ships. (1/12)

Instant airline reservations for $12. Not tix. (1/12)

How to get from Orlando airport to Disney. (1/12)

Power grids fail in Argentina due to extreme heat. (1/12)

Chioggia, Italy, is a smaller Venice. (1/12)

CDC advises to avoid Canada, many others. (1/12)

Getting compensation if you are bumped. (1/12)

Pax damages AA cockpit pre-departure. (1/12)

737 MAX put Boeing in regulatory hell. (1/11)

Hong Kong to ban transit pax. (1/11)

Vax prevents hospital need for United Air staff. (1/11)

Can use Alaska Air FF miles on Royal Air Maroc. (1/11)

About travel insurance. (1/11)

Rumor: Hilton free bkfst replaced w/ coupon. (1/11)

More cruise lines to require booster. (1/11)

Aer Lingus & AA announce partnership. (1/11)

BA cancels 3 US routes, but not AUS. (1/11)

'Round the World Rosie'. (1/11)

Book a second seat on plane for more room. (1/11)

Self-defense training for flight attendants. (1/11)

Some Marriotts add sleazy "Sustainability Fee". (1/11)

Some airline meals returning. (1/11)

SWA (maybe) offers cheap covid tests to pax. (1/11)

Airlines flying empty planes around Europe. (1/11)

Emergency numbers (like 911) for other nations. (1/11)

SWA pilots vs. flight attendants re masks. (1/11)

Things you no longer see at US airports. (1/10)

Guys charged in fire of Key West Southern buoy. (1/10)

What to do on Big Island of Hawai'i. (1/10)

Hertz Gold Rewards points are un-usable? (1/9)

Handy gadgets for int'l travelers. (1/9)

Weird requests pax have made on planes. (1/9)

Puerto Rico updated entry rules. (1/9)

Squat toilet work-around for Westerners. (1/9)

What foreigners must do to visit the USA. (1/8)

Quarantined on a cruise ship...not fun. (1/8)

Booster required for French Pass Sanitaire. (1/8)

Fine dining <$10  in Budapest. (1/8)

No easy return to Canada for in-flight party-ers. (1/8)

FREE BEER! Guinness, Heineken. (1/8)

Alaska Air cuts flights by 10%. (1/8)

82% of Italy - India pax test Positive on arrival? (1/8)

NCL, RCCL cancel cruises. (1/8)

Official: Virgin Atlantic starts AUS-LHR 5/25/2022. (1/8)

Why don't most airlines offer free wi-fi? (1/7)

If you test Positive before return to USA. (1/7)

MGM ends MLife program Feb. 1. (1/7)

UK ends pre-arrival testing. (1/7)

6 things to do if flight is canceled / delayed. (1/7)

Rumor: Virgin Atlantic to fly AUS-LHR. Status match. (1/7)

Advice for safe winter driving trips. (1/5)

Bilt is excellent no-fee credit card for renters. (1/5)

New rules for arrivals at Mumbai airport. (1/5)

Hong Kong bans flights from US, CAN, UK, 5 others. (1/5)

Norse Atlantic Air closer to trans-Atlantic ops. (1/4)

Those darn SSSS boarding passes. (1/4)

Change jetBlue flights w/o pay fare difference! (1/3)

Cruise lines requiring masks again. (1/3)

Palm Springs visitor guide. (1/3)

Vote by mail if >64yo. Must request annually. (1/3)

Find domestic flights w/ widebody aircraft. (1/3)

Expired US passport extension for return. (1/3)

UK to end pre-departure tests for inbound pax. (1/3)

How to reduce call hold times at AA, DL. (1/2)

Tested Positive, cannot return to US. (1/1)

Ten national parks worth visiting in winter. (1/1)

Ten unexpected items to take on cruises. (1/1/2022)

State Dept says make contingency plans. (12/31)

If you test Positive overseas. (12/31)

Air NZ stops serving food, drink. Will others? (12/31)

Reasons to avoid travel to Israel now. (12/31)

CDC warns against cruises, even if vax'd. (12/31)

Don't be a "Rising Star", "Code Oscar". (12/30)

Returning from overseas w/ expired US passport. (12/30)

Bathroom quarantine on an airplane. (12/30)

What to do if you leave item in rental car. (12/30)

How to prove vax status overseas. (12/30)

Jet stream affecting flight times. (12/30)

Over- and under-rated travel destinations. (12/29)

Hotel resort fees. (12/28)

Flight delayed/cancelled? What to do. (12/28)

How to avoid being charged w/ rental car theft. (12/28)

How to extend an expiring airline voucher. (12/28)

Air France may ban eating & drinking. (12/28)

Pilot Error: 777 nearly crashed? (12/28)

Odd testing in developing nations. (12/27)

Chase 5/24 rule explained. (12/27)

Qantas returns huge A380s to service in Jan. (12/27)

Airport chapels and chaplains. ABIA. (12/26)

Negative review of Kiwi booking site. (12/25)

How to get refunds if your flight is cancelled. (12/25)

If your hotel closes/folds before your trip. (12/25)

3800+ flights cancelled. How to get refunds. (12/25)

Pax need booster for some international travel. (12/24)

US to reopen borders to African nations. (12/24)

Scott McCartney's final WSJ "Middle Seat". 747. (12/24)

TSA to accept Apple Wallet IDs. (12/24)

United & others cancelling flights due to covid. (12/24)

Online passport renewal experience. (12/24)

Mask comparisons. (12/23)

About rental car insurance from Chase CCs. (12/23)

How to get bumped from a flight. (12/23)

Deadly air rage incident in August 2000. (12/23)

How to avoid checking a bag. (12/23)

Scam attempt in New Orleans. (12/23)

LAX AA lounge staff vote to strike. (12/23)

Some jokes just write themselves. (12/22)

FYI: FAA reports 5,664 unruly pax in 2021. (12/22)

Qatar Airways cabin crew back in PPE gear. (12/22)

Checked bags often late on AA. (12/22)

What airline cabin crew know about you. (12/22)

How to access lounges: AA, Alaska, DL, United (12/22)

Australia, Thai, Singapore visitor restrictions. (12/22)

Skip-the-TSA-line programs comparison. Note. (12/22)

Israel close to approving 4th jab for >60 yo. (12/21)

aeroLOPA is best airline seat selection tool. (12/21)

Unruly pax may lose PreCheck. (12/21)

United offers free messaging (Whatsapp, FB, etc. (12/21)

Vietnam to re-open to vax'd pax  Jan 1. (12/21)

No/reduced ice on AA flights. (12/21)

UK may return to lockdown, ban travel. (12/21)

Example of why some hotel reviews are bogus. (12/21)

India airlines give 10-20% disc'nt to vax'd pax. (12/21)

How to cancel flights, hotels, etc. (12/21)

Easy way to find award flights on BA. (12/21)

US Passport fee said to go up $20 on Dec. 27. (12/20)

PLAY (like WOW) to fly BWI, BOS to Europe. (12/20)

If your flight is delayed / cancelled. (12/20) is good site for train info. Review. (12/20)

London LHR pax charges increase Jan & July. (12/20)

10% discount on Southwest, Hawaiian tix. (12/20)

Bad news if your boarding pass says SSSS. (12/20)

BA cancels many flights due to no staff. (12/20)

Dr. Fauci thinks masks on planes will continue. (12/20)

Israel bans travel to US over Omicron variant. (12/20)

What If You Test Positive While Traveling? (12/19)

BA to fly huge A380s to DFW, etc. this summer. (12/19)

Nomadic Matt says 'no more Airbnb!' (12/19)

Airbnb & VRBO share 'party house' problem lists. (12/19)

45 things airline pilots wish pax knew. (12/19)

From HEL to arctic cold for just €41 r/t. (12/19)

AA real meals in First will return next month. (12/19)

Antarctica Bridge $18K fly-cruise tour. (12/19)

Netherlands is in strict lockdown. Boosters. (12/19)

Map of all public toilets in NYC. (12/19)

Airline docks FF miles for bad behavior in lounge. (12/19)

Award Wallet removes AA. Workaround. (12/19)

Jerusalema dance videos by airline staffs. (12/19)

French Bee airline cheap, crowded Paris flights. (12/18)

Anti-vax ranter kicked off Ryanair flight. (12/18)

Package deliveries while you are out of town. (12/18)

Things all hotel rooms should have. (12/18)

How to find covid test in foreign country. (12/18)

Southwest Airlines CEO has covid. (12/18)

Seven useful apps for travel. (12/18)

Medical emergency during a flight. (12/18)

CDC to give free covid test kits at airports. (12/17)

AA's slow demise. Read the comments. (12/17)

PLAY airline, Boston to London $56++ (12/17)

Croatia to join Schengen "border-less" zone. (12/17)

Amazing, fast new airport TSA scanners. (12/17)

Rental car rules for toll roads. (12/17)

"Free" flights on Frontier. (12/17)

Southwest has opened sched to Sept 5 (12/17)

Rankings of US airlines. (Avoid Frontier) 12/16)

AA cuts 9 long-haul routes. (12/16)

Hertz extorted the wrong customer? (12/16)

Women's underwear not OK as masks on UA. (12/16)

Phone #s for all Global Entry centers. (12/16)

Humans at AAA offices sell, explain Allianz ins. (12/16)

Free winter prepare kits from Austin Water. (12/16)

Good 3M N95 masks at Home Depot. (12/16)

Plans to have passport renewals online. (12/15)

Baggage handler falls asleep in plane's cargo hold. (12/15)

CDC puts Italy, Greenland, Mauritius on bad list. (12/15)

How AA deals w/ unruly pax. (12/14)

Don't fly AA to India. (12/14)

Buy AA FF miles just $0.04 each? Cheap status. (12/14)

How a frequent flyer preps for departure. (12/13)

ABIA restroom has clear view from planes. (12/12)

How to extend flight credits and vouchers. (12/12)

AA going all-in on trans-Atlantic routes. (12/12)

St. Kitts & Nevis lift travel restrictions for vax'd. (12/12)

Police seize $100K from pax at Dallas Love. (12/11)

AA lacks planes to fly full sched to Europe? (12/10)

Delta sneaks in changes to Basic Economy. (12/9)

Netherlands to require covid boosters in Feb. (12/9)

Southwest Airlines opens schedule to June 4. (12/9)

Persistent problems w/ British Air. (12/9)

Update Global Entry after passport renewal? (12/9)

Switzerland drops quarantines. (12/8)

Joy at news that AA CEO Doug Parker to retire. (12/7)

AA "fully refundable" tickets have $500 penalty? (12/7)

Self-driving airport wheelchairs coming? (12/6)

Need to Know: Chip + PIN credit cards. (12/6)

US may loosen Africa travel ban. (12/6)

Iraqi Airways buying 30 more planes. (12/6)

Marriage Saver Idea: "No Fault on Travel Day." (12/5)

Register online for tomorrow night's Rick Steves. (12/5)

Nations vax'd Americans can visit w/o restrictions. (12/5)

PanAm ceased flying 30 years ago. (12/5)

Reminder: Use Google Flights to find deals. (12/5)

Geo Clooney declines 1d $35m airline ad job. (12/5)

How to visit the UK. (12/5)

Singapore to require 8 tests of vax'd visitors. (12/4)

Cruise ship etc. pax exempt from new covid rules. (12/4)

Risky "Uber Shuttle" scam at airports. (12/4)

Puddle of ??? on "cleaned" airline seat. (12/4)

Fake in-flight credit card pitch (humorous). (12/4)

Rick Steves discusses European travel. (12/4)

Allegiant to link w/ low-cost Mexican airline. (12/3)

Caribbean vs. Bahamas cruises. (12/3)

All about at-home covid tests. (12/3)

Qantas award-travel-only flights. (12/3)

Must test w/i 1d before return to America. (12/3)

Most powerful airfare search engine improved. (12/2)

Reasons why Austin is so popular. (12/2)

Health insurance for travelers. (12/2)

Cruise ship disembarkation tips. (12/2) 

Frontier Airlines offers status match for $49. (12/1)

US to reduce 3d to 1d test time for return. (12/1)

What to do if stranded overseas by covid. (12/1)

Excellent Los Angeles 48-hr guide. (11/30)

Men sell fried grasshoppers during flight. (11/30)

New UK entry rules in effect: PCR + 2d isolation. (11/30)

Giant A380s not returning to service now? (11/30)

Scotland & Wales want 8-d arrivals quarantine. (11/29)

Airliner lands safely after severe bird strikes. (11/28)

Black Friday BOGO for Antarctica cruises. (11/28)

Simple trick for airline seat power. (11/28)

Bad experience booking hotel thru Agoda. (11/28)

Saudi Arabia loosens rules on visitors. (11/28)

Israel, Morocco 2-wk bar of foreigners. (11/28)

Better airline seat maps than SeatGuru. (11/27)

Boris: UK will require PCR, quarantine for pax. (11/27)

AA to continue flying w/ fewer FA's. (11/27)

Black Friday $100 off United international flights. (11/27)

New secret password at Kimpton hotels. (11/27)

Air travel to India resumes Dec. 15. (11/27)

EU may limit vax passports to 9 months. (11/27)

Arriving South Africa pax test + at AMSterdam. (11/27)

Black Friday China vacation w/ air for $299. (11/26)

South Africa travel ban due to new covid strain. (11/26)

Semi-biz-class Chicago to LHR from $782 r/t. (11/25)

Credit card travel portals compared. (11/25)

Finnair DFW-HELsinki is now bookable. (11/25)

Discounts on Bose n/c BT headphones. (11/25)

Guide to United cheap Basic Economy. (11/25)

In-flight credit card pitches. (11/25)

US prioritizes prosecution of unruly airline pax. (11/25)

No AA routes to Africa soon. (11/25)

New iPhone app for Atlas Obscura. (11/25)

Use DL SkyMiles after owner dies? (11/24)

Cruise line alcohol policies. (11/24)

Pay $15 to skip TSA line at La Guardia. (11/24)

Car rental company points expiration policies. (11/24)

NZ abandons "Zero Covid", will welcome tourists. (11/24)

Flight Attendant Bingo. (11/24)

Pax disregard CDC's "Don't go to Europe." (11/24)

Lady kicked out of hotel after bad-ish review. (11/23)

Senior Nomads scammed by Travelgenio? (11/23)

Fodor's list of great 2022 destinations. (11/23)

Hilton upgrades primer. (11/23)

Are travelers checks still avail? still valid? (11/23)

Save $$ by repricing your airline reservations. (11/23)

Kyte brings rental car to you. (11/23)

Travel gift ideas for kids. (11/23)

ABIA says arrive 3 hr in advance 4 Tksgiving. (11/22)

Is delta the final covid variant? (11/22)

Delta vs. Spirit comparison. Big Front Seat. (11/22)

Where vax'd Americans can travel now (chart) (11/22)

Marriott forced to display resort fees. But... (11/22, 24)

Australia opening more, but not for US yet. (11/22)

Museum of Ice Cream in NYC, SIN & Austin. (11/21)

How to meet minimum spend on new CCs. (11/21)

Awesome art on display at ABIA. (11/21)

How to spot American tourists. (11/21)

How to keep food/meds cold during flights. (11/21)

More travel in 2022 than pre-pandemic. (11/21)

Nat Geographic 'Best Destinations' list (11/21)

Hawaii closed to cruise ships. (11/21)

Canceled flights lead to marriage. (11/21)

New York's vax passport helps travelers. (11/21)

Munich Christmas Market canceled -- covid. (11/21)

Rick Steves report on recent European travel. (11/20)

Will airline mask mandate expire Jan 18? (11/20)

"...and so disappointed I wasn't there..." (11/20)

Airbnb benefiting from covid. (11/20)

How A-List Celebs board airliners. (11/20)

Priority Pass info: Airport spas, restaurants. (11/20)

Free info from International Travel News. (11/19)

US State Dept safety ratings for nations. More. (11/19)

CDC covid-safety ratings for foreign nations. (11/19)

Capital 1 refunds to you if ticket price increases. (11/19)

India re-opens for visits, free visas. (11/19)

Google Flights adds flexible alerts. (11/19)

Video of vax confrontation on plane is fake. (11/19)

Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade info. (11/19)

New York City vax rules. (11/19)

Cyber Weekend sale on TAP to Europe. (11/19)

Attacks possible against airliners in Ethiopia. (11/19)

Chase Bank creating network of airport lounges. (11/19)

Free night awards: Hilton, IHG. (11/19)

Active shooter @ ur hotel means 75K pts 2 you. (11/18)

United again serves pre-flight wine in 1st. (11/17)

60+ giant A380s to fly this yr. Air travel is back! (11/17)

American plans new lounge at ABIA. (11/17)

United Airlines cash+miles program a ripoff. (11/16)

Unvax'd United employees are on leave w/o pay. (11/16)

Demise of hotel airport shuttles. (11/16)

8 relatively unknown destinations in Italy. (11/14)

Combative AUS pax got biggest FAA fine. (11/14)

Funny name-change idea for Salt Lake City airport. (11/14)

More European nations consider lockdowns. (11/13)

BIG PROBLEM! - Vaccination expiration (11/12)

$50 off next AA flight if you pay w/ MC. (11/12)

Violent airline pax fined more than $200,000 by FAA. l (11/12)

Funny stories about 'entitled' pax. 11/11)

European destinations w/ winter sun. (11/11)

Airliners cross Atlantic in formation, save 5% fuel. (11/11)

Superjumbo airliners (A380) returning to service. (11/11)

How to travel w/ pets. (11/10)

Zero covid cases from casual contact outdoors. (11/10)

$400 bonus to switch banks for your biz checking. (11/10)

150+ Hertz customers sue - wrongly arrested, jailed. (11/10)

Going to HEL? Finnair will fly n/s Helsinki-DFW. (11/10)

What TSA staff see when you are in the body scanner. (11/10)

Bad News: American Airlines pilots reject holiday pay offer. (11/10)

'Invisible man' tries to sneak into airport lounge. (11/9)

Free child car seats by Hertz, Dollar, Thrifty for AAA. (11/9)

Backstory of synchronized take-offs from LHR. (11/9)

Good $15 Sonicare toothbrush for travel. (11/9)

50 cool pix of Iceland. (11/9)

List of all US National Parks w/ links. (11/9)

Wear all ur clothes to avoid bag fees? Not a good idea. (11/8)

Frequent Traveler University next Sat. Zoom, $25. (11/8)

Emotional flights as US travel ban ends, families reunite.

AA pays up to 3x to flight attendants on holidays. (11/8)

Value chart for frequent flyer miles & hotel points. (11/8)

Marriott sells best rooms thru Airbnb, not (11/8)

AA ends curbside check-in or charges for it. (11/8)

US cities to Europe $450 r/t on AA, DL, UA until May. (11/8)

Out of 600,000 cruise pax, 1359 got covid. (11/7)

Giant A380s flying again. World's largest airliners. (11/6)

Plan for 8-hr airport delays on Nov. 8?! (11/6)

Hotel shampoo etc. - Single-use v. big bottles. (11/6)

Good deals on Bose QC 35 II noise-cancel headphones. (11/6)

UK police arrest pax for anti-Semitic chant on plane. (11/6)

Fake illness on airliner gets Moroccans into Spain. (11/6, 8)

US-Mexican border opens tmrow w/o covid restrictions. (11/6)

SWA Companion Pass FAQ. (11/5)

Expedia,, eBookers getting worse. (11/5)

If you get a speeding ticket in a rental car. (11/5)

Cancun Hyatt gunbattle. 1 2. (11/5)

Free mag subs - Conde Nast Trav, Fortune, Time, etc. (11/5)

Services hep navigate European travel rules (paywalled). (11/5)

Airbnb tips. (11/4)

Alaska Airlines switches to recyclable water boxes. (11/4)

United says 'you can trust us' to get you there. (11/4)

Where vax'd Americans can visit now & soon. (11/3)

Protect holiday flights from airline disruptions. (11/3)

100K points bonus on SWA pers CCs w/ $14K spend. (11/3)

Puerto Rico more vax'd than any state. (11/3)

Pax punches flight attendant - his side of the story. (11/2)

Argentina open to vax'd + PCR + more. No mass transit, etc. (11/2)

Breakthrough cases analysis. Age matters. (11/2)

New gotcha for rental cars in Calif. (11/2)

Autoslash, Costco have best deals on rental cars. (11/2)

How to find cheapest airfare to anywhere. (11/2)

Strategy for award hotel stays. (11/1)

McRib again available starting today. Reviewed. Info. (11/1)

Dubai DXB regains title as World's Busiest Internat Airport. (11/1)

Delta using facial recognition for TSA security lines. (11/1)

Reasons airlines can deny lost-luggage claims. (11/1)

National no-fly list for unruly pax - good or bad? (11/1)

New shopping portal bonuses. (11/1)

Rick Steves on 'The Return to Travel'. (10/31)

Trinidad and Tobago travel info, need vax + PCR. (10/31)

AA quadruples AUS service. (10/31)

Flight attendant salaries and educational levels. (10/31)

New flexible gift giving from Amazon. EZ exchanges. (10/31)

More than 1000 AA flights cancelled this wkend. (10/31)

EU digital vax passport works in UK, and v/v. (10/30)

Barbados nixes quarantine for vax'd visitors. (10/30)

Delta pax face big delays at LAX ("world's worst airport") (10/30)

Uber in Brazil recommended. (10/30)

Unruly pax faces 21 yr in Fed penitentiary. (10/30)

TripIt keeps track of flight changes for you. (10/30)

Not free, AA wants to sell more in-flight wifi. (10/30)

Un properly masked couple gripe abt an unmasked pax. (10/29)

10 scenic US Nat Park drives. (10/28)

Website shows disasters all over the world in near-real time (10/28)

Greyhound resumes US-CAN bus srvc Nov. 8. (10/28)

United resumes liquor sales Nov. 15. App required. (10/28)

Pixel 6 phone costs $600, has features for travelers. (10/28)

TSA to pay $103M to patent holder for checkpoint tray idea. (10/28)

Almost 5000 unruly airline pax incidents this yr. (10/28)

Easy-peasy way to check flight status. iPhone only. (10/27)

Chill out dude! Justice for 8 Chinese airline execs. (10/27)

AA planning to fly to Mumbai? (10/27)

Hertz rental fleet to be 20% Teslas by late 2022. Learn.  (10/26)

SWA offers carbon offset plan. (10/26)

Rick Steves 'Monday Night Travels' series continues. (10/25)

Covid test rules change for visitors to UK. (10/25)

Turks & Caicos open to vax'd Americans. (10/25)

Complicated rules for travel to Israel. (10/25)

Google Flights now shows kg CO2 for routes. (10/24)

Cheap at-home covid test kits. Enter your ZIP here. (10/24)

What to do if you lose your CDC card. (10/24)

No longer "seniors", now we are "Varsity Generation"? (9/24)

Exciting new Capital One lounge at DFW. (10/24)

Hawaii wants us (vax'd) back. (10/24)

Fixing United biz internat award travel itins. (10/24)

SWA Companion Pass helps for internat flights. (9/24)

Exit row rules. (10/24)

First international vacay in 2 years. "Amazing and Strange" (10/24)

Capital One new CC for those with no/bad credit. (10/24)

Thai visas available online. (10/24)

Southwest Airlines Companion Pass info. Great value! (10/23)

Thailand opens to vax'd pax Nov. 1. (10/23)

"Old Man" airport behaviors. (10/23)

Airline sells mystery flights from vending machines. (10/23)

Ryanair bans pax who got CC pandemic refunds. (10/23)


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