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As our name implies, we are (mostly) retired folks (singles and couples) who live in and around the Austin area and who all  share a love for the Adventures of Travel.
    All you need is the desire to travel, or hear from other travelers. That's it!     Join us at our next event! 

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Carolyn Barkley's Blog!

Carolyn Barkley, one of our most seasoned travelers, writes a very interesting Travel Blog about her extensive travels, complete with photos.     Check it out!

 Ann Cabot Discovers Réunion

Ann Cabot
discovered a picturesque, though remote island named Réunion.   Governed by France, the island lies East of Madagascar, off the East coast of Southern Africa.  
   Link to view Réunion photos

our Next Travel Chat Event... 

Our next Travel Chat meeting is scheduled for 2 PM on Thursday, September 30, 2021. Contact Ann at to be added to the notification email list.

Have you ever looked at a travel photo and asked yourself: where was I??  This month, we'll play that game with Jim Robirds who will show us photos and have us guess where he was.  It will be great fun and will exercise our memories of world locations.

At this time it is planned for the meeting to be in person as well as on Zoom ...
In Person: Vaccinated members can meet in person at the WellMed Center in south Austin. 706 W Ben White Blvd. The driveway into the parking lot is on the westbound feeder road of Ben White (290) just west of South First Street.  Someone will be outside near the entrance to show the way and at the door to get you inside.  This is a trail run to see if we like the location, venue and feel comfortable meeting in person.  
Zoom: Please email Ann ( in advance if you plan to use the Zoom option and do not already have the login link.


If you test positive before return to USA. (9/17)

SWA schedule now open to April 24, 2022. (9/17)

Mandate: All Italy workers must have vax pass. (9/17)

Australia may really re-open to Americans, sometime. (9/15)

Small airlines offer crypto instead of frequent flyer miles. (9/15)

Pax w/ Trump + obscenity mask kicked off flight. Repeater. (9/15)

5th talk-radio host who doubted vax's/masks dies of covid. (9/15)

KLM rejects vax mandate for flight crews. SWISS will have. (9/15)

SWISS sells leftover 'mystery meals' to pax. (9/15)

Delta mandated vax's w/o losing employees. (9/15)

Frontier Airlines special promo discount. (9/14)

Europe less welcoming to Americans? (9/14)

Bribe flight attendant to avoid wearing mask? (9/14)

Walmart offers BinaxNOW self-test (not for travel). 2 for $14.

Spain requires vax & QR to enter. (9/14)

Vax or test req'd for airline lounges in Hawai'i. (9/14)

Timely tips for road trips. (9/12)

Foreign airports offering Preclearance. (9/12)

American Airlines named worst legacy carrier. (9/12)

Venice visitors will need to pre-book visit, pay fee. (9/12)

United employees getting vax'd to avoid $200/mo fee. (9/12)

New iPhone might have global satellite connectivity. (9/12)

SWA bans alcohol into 2022, but will sell cocktail mixers. (9/12, 13)

Covid-sniffing dogs test workers at Miami airport. (9/12)

Tips for booking "just in case" flights. (9/11)

How to spot hidden cameras in ur hotel room. (9/11)

Oahu to require customers show vax proof or 48-hr test. (9/10)

90+ airfares to Europe, several from AUS, under $325 r/t. (9/10)

Fines doubled today for no mask on airlines. (9/10)

Cruise lines accepting at-home covid test results. (9/10)

Tool finds cheapest flights on SWA. (9/9)

Happy Dance - FA called back after 18 mo on leave. Joy! (9/9)

United puts un-vax'd staff on unpaid leave. 1  2  3  (9/9)

Live TV (& sports) returns to American Airlines. 1 2 (9/9)

90 airfare deals under $325 r/t to Europe. Buy now, cancel later. (9/10)

How to avoid "last minute" auto rental costs. (9/8) Gas refill tip.

"Run of House" hotel room rates explained. (9/8)

Co-terminals are multiple airports in an area, like DFW & DAL. (9/8)

Easy 7-week Southwest Companion Pass promo. (9/7)

 Praising Delta for last-minute domestic award travel. (9/7)

International list of over-hyped tourist traps. (9/7)

What it's like now to cross Canadian border. (9/6, 7)

American Airlines says not responsible 4 delays, etc. (9/6, 7, 9)

Airline meal menus from 50 years ago. (9/6)

Israeli virus czar says time to prepare for 4th vax. (9/5)

Spain has updated requirements for Americans. (9/5)

Allegiant Airlines revamping its rewards program. (9/5)

Status match gets u free 7-day Caribbean cruise. (9/5)

Pros & cons of bulkhead seats. (9/5)

A pilot compares Airbus A321 v. Boeing 787 jetliners. (9/4)

Nat Parks installing "Selfie" stations to save lives. (9/4)

Vaccine Passports are a constitutional right? (9/4)

More European nations restrict American tourists. Most still welcome us vax'd. (9/4)

Netherland adds quarantine for vax'd Americans, bans un-vax'd (9/3) Or maybe not. (9/4)

Excellent credit card bonus offers if you pay fully every month  (9/3)

Apple AirTag finds stuff, like luggage. (9/2)

TSA testing iPhones for ID. (9/2)

California closes its 17 national forests 2 wks due to fires. (9/2)

America's most overlooked national park. (9/1)

Two video-supervised covid tests you can buy. (9/1)

Fake CDC vax card lands woman in jail in HI. (9/1)

Pros/cons of having lots of travel credit cards. (9/1)

United improves Electronic Travel Certs. (9/1)

Appreciation for packing cubes. (8/31)

Honolulu restaurants, etc. to soon require vaccine passport. (8/31)

If u have tix but EU rules change means you can't go. (8/31)

How to protect ur CDC vax card. (8/31)

Check existing air tix for price drops. (8/31)

Chase Bank allegedly cancelled all Mrs. Michael Flynn's credit cards. Update. (8/31, 9/1)

Chart shows which airlines allow free changes. (8/31)

Australia might re-open in December. (8/30)

Even vax'd Americans may be excluded by EU. (8/30)

Hotel in orbit to open in 2027. (8/30)

$1 class on airline status matching. (8/30)

FA's use own $, purchase items for Afghan refugees. (8/30)

Insurance co's charging unvax'ed covid patients. (8/30)

French Pass Sanitaire updated info for Americans. (8/30)

How to get airline upgrades cheap...sometimes. (8/29)

Unvax'ed Americans may be excluded from most of EU (8/29)

Better than the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. (8/29)

Delta Airlines often changes schedules on Saturday. (8/29)

Fall foliage prediction map for leaf peepers. (8/28)

EU plans restrictions on unvax'ed US tourists. (8/28)

Canada travel how-to. (8/28)

HotelSlash tracks reservations, notifies U when price drops. (8/28)

Real-world example of status matching. (8/27)

How Americans can get 48-hr-only EU Green Pass. (8/27)

Austria, Croatia to require booster vax. (8/27)

Do's and don't's for vaccination record cards. (8/26)

5 year AARP membership for $45. Travel discounts.  (8/26)

American Eagle pilots get big raise, flight attendants don't. (8/26)

How to find cheap routes w/ stopovers you want. (8/25)

Clever website saves you $ on hotel stays. (8/25)

FAA releases PSA video about unruly pax (8/25)

How and why to freeze your credit reports free. (8/25)

€1 homes just 1 hr SE of Rome. (8/25)

Air Marshall confessions. (8/25)

Qantas ad inspires Aussies to get vaccinated. (8/24)

Hawai'i says 'Stay Home' (8/24)

AA bans alcohol in Economy until Jan 19, 2022, same as mask mandate. (8/24) 

Buy AA flight w/ MasterCard, save $50 on next flight. (8/24)

Venice to require reservation, visitor tax for visitors. (8/24, 25)

Americans traveling abroad who test positive and can't return to U.S. (non-paywalled version) 8/24)

Website w/ covid-related entry requirements for nations. (8/23)

Should / must you check out of a hotel when you leave it? (8/23)

Robbers use knock-out gas to rob rich hotel guests in Italy. (8/23)

Seizure during a flight - what to do and not do. (8/22)

American Air extends alcohol ban for Economy pax. (8/22)

Southwest may reduce schedule bc of staff shortage. (8/22)

What hotel guests steal. (8/22)

Austria, Croatia set "expiration date" on vaccinated status. (8/21)

Weird: Avis allegedly 'steals' rental car from customer. (8/21) More. (9/6)

Travel report: Visiting several European nations. (8/21)

Florida couple with fake vaccination cards arrested in Hawai'i, their 'vaccinated' little kids gave it away. (8/20)

Stuck in covid-free Tonga for 18 months (8/20)

FAA reaches $1 million in fines to unruly pax this year. (8/19)

JFK to Madrid on Delta just 32,000 SkyMiles round-trip Oct-Feb. (8/19)

Magnetic stripes on credit cards are going away. (8/18)

Free "Five Star" status at Hertz for the rest of 2021. (8/18) Then Avis "Preferred Plus" status for 12 months. (8/19)

Airline mask mandate extended thru Jan 18, 2022. (8/17)

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