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Who We Are...

As our name implies, we are (mostly) retired folks (singles and couples) who live in and around the Austin area and who all  share a love for the Adventures of Travel.
    All you need is the desire to travel and be willing to share your adventures with us. That's it!     Join us at our next event! 

News & Information

Carolyn Barkley Blog!

Carolyn Barkley, one of our most seasoned travelers, writes a very interesting Travel Blog about her extensive travels, complete with photos.     Check it out!

 Ann Cabot Discovers Réunion

Ann Cabot
discovered a picturesque, though remote island named Réunion.   Governed by France, the island lies East of Madagascar, off the East coast of Southern Africa.  
   Link to view Réunion photos

Dolomites Trip Plan Meeting

On Friday, March 13th at 10 am. Location: Panera's on Wm Canon
Ann plans to hold another time for anyone considering a trip to the Dolomites.  We'll talk about issues like, when to book flights in light of the current virus outbreak, which websites to trust, and the best connections.  She'll answer questions and also discuss other locations near the Dolomites to visit, such as Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna and Venice.
Give Ann, a call at 512-565-9666, for additional info on the meeting.

~~ IMPORTANT MESSAGE from Jim Robirds ~~

 Good morning to all RATs... I'm guessing most everybody is "hunkered down" and staying well...
This should come as no big surprise, but we will NOT be having our regular face-to-face RATs meetings until this COVID-19 episode is over. Emoji 
    I emailed Eric (Mgr of the Oak Hill Branch) and he said they are still trying to come up with a plan to open the libraries.  They don't yet have a date or plan, but he thinks there will be some type of "phase in" plan.  More on this later.
     If anybody is looking for something to do (after cleaning out the garage and closets) ...  I found something that will occupy you for a LONG time.Emoji       In our "cleaning" we discovered a large box of home movies.   Some time in the 1980s/1990s I transferred all 8MM movies to VHS cassettes... later, all camcorder tapes went on VHS. NOW the latest thing is DVDs so we are in the process of transferring all VHS to DVD. These are 4 hour tapes. You can't just put a cassette in and walk away from it, you have to make sure everything is working right, so we wind up watching all 4 hours of it Emoji.  It's just what WE are doing.  You all stay safe & well and we will see you... when ???  Meanwhile, check out "Virtual Activity Plans"
Jim & Katie Robirds

our Last Face-to face Event... 

  Our Last face-to-face Event was the bi-monthly                           "Full Regular Meeting" 
It was held on Monday, March 9th1:00-3:00 PM at The Hampton, Public Library, in Oak Hill.
    AV Travel Adventures were presented, followed by an interesting and informative Q&A time in which attendees exchange upcoming travel plans and shared past travel experiences (good and bad).

have A Travel Adventures To Share?

If you're a regular attender and have photos with an interesting travel adventure you'd like to share on this website, just type it up, put your pics onto a thumb drive, then contact our webmaster, Phil Landrum, (see the button below).
        He'll fill you in on what's needed to get your Adventure posted... and there is no charge...
Also, when we return to normal times, you'll want to enjoy our casual "Coffee Time" get-togethers at Panera Bread Cafe' on William Cannon Blvd.

What We Do...

We Do Travel... a lot!  From local travels, to world-wide excursions, International Cruises and Safaris.   Name any place in the world and it's likely that someone in our group has been there!  We share a love for the adventures in travel.  
    We Share our experiences!  

At our gatherings, we exchange stories, and travel tips, (including the annoying ones) along with the wonderful.  Note: You may also receive email reminders about up-coming events by just clicking the blue Request button below and provide your email address.

Phil & June Travels....

   Phil and June Landrum were  traveling again.  This time they took a 3 week trip to Japan... The Cherry Blossoms? "Awe inspiring." 
 See more Cherry Blossom Photos

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Miles Abernathy sent this important information about Travel Scams!  
Thanks Miles, we appreciate this.

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