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As our name implies, we are (mostly) retired folks (singles and couples) who (mostly) live in and around the Austin area and who all  share a love for the Adventures of Travel.

All you need is the desire to travel, or hear from other travelers. That's it!     Join us at our next event! 

If you would like to receive reminders of our upcoming meetings, please contact Bill Kemp ( and ask to be added to the email list. Notices usually are sent two weeks and two days before each RATs meeting.

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Carolyn Barkley's Blog!

Carolyn Barkley, one of our most seasoned travelers, writes a very interesting Travel Blog about her extensive travels, complete with photos.     Check it out!

 Ann Cabot Discovers Réunion

Ann Cabot
discovered a picturesque, though remote island named Réunion.   Governed by France, the island lies East of Madagascar, off the East coast of Southern Africa.  
   Link to view Réunion photos

our Next Travel Chat Event... 

The next Travel Chat is scheduled for 2 PM on June 16, 2022.

The meeting will be held in person and maybe also as well as on Zoom.

In Person: Vaccinated members can meet in person at the WellMed Center at 706 W Ben White Blvd. in south Austin. The driveway into the parking lot is on the westbound feeder road of Ben White (290) just west of South First Street.  We meet in the conference room of the Senior Community Center, room 125A.

Zoom: Please email Bill ( in advance if you plan to use the Zoom option and do not already have the login link.

Future Travel Chat meetings are scheduled for 2 PM on the third Thursday of every month in 2022.

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Tips when airline things go wrong. (5/25)

Everything you need to know about traveling to France. (5/25)

Flight on time? Google [airline name] flight [#] history. [5/25]

Mem Day Wkend: Expect record-breaking traffic at ABIA. (5/25)

Guide & secrets of airline award change & cancellation fees. (5/25)

Professional Image: 1980s Pan Am FA training videos. (5/25)

Airbnb shuts down its business inside China indefinitely. (5/25)

Complete guide to Priority Pass. (5/25)

Charlotte airport CLT has lots of problems, avoid if you can. (5/25)

Austria great for glorious summer vacations. (5/24)

18 international getaways for a long weekend. (5/24)

Not ABIA: Airport w/ the longest lines in the U.S. (5/24)

‘Welcome to Luton’ prank panics pax arriving at Gatwick. (5/24)

Restaurant scam on Mikonos and elsewhere. (5/24)

Austin to use eminent domain to seize ABIA South Terminal. (5/24)

Chaos, riots: Canadian pax acting like Americans. (5/23)

80+ crowd-sourced travel tips (many are very good). (5/23)

The best card for renters. (5/23)

Which hotel program is really the best? (5/23)

High praise for staff of ABIA Admirals Club. (5/23)

Lyft, Uber secrets so you aren’t left without a ride. (5/23)

Stunning! Hertz's stated reason for not dropping charges after false arrests they cause. (5/22)

35 'European' American towns. E.g., Fredericksburg TX. (5/22)

Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel gave every staffer $5000. (5/22)

Be amazed by tour of Ceaușescu’s Palace in Bucharest. (5/22)

7 Lists of nations w/ worst behaved tourists. (5/22)

Lounge Review; New Capital One lounge at DFW. (5/22)

Union says Air France flights are deplorable, cataclysmic. (5/22)

AA wants flight attendants to offer predeparture beverages. (5/22)
Rock shattered window in Jordan, became a trip highlight. (5/21)

Retired couple lives on cruise ships, cheaper than land. (5/21) helps you get air tix with FF miles. (5/21)

Las Vegas news (audio). (5/21)

Seven Hilton brands are now pet friendly. (5/21)
Lufthansa might bring back giant A-380 airplanes. (5/21)

Ryanair strike threat b/c no water for flight crews. (5/21)
Short travel guide to Bergen, Norway. (5/21)

Delta trying Bluetooth headphone support on new jets. (5/21)

Six walled cities that have preserved their walls. (5/20)

Bali, Indonesia drop all travel testing for vax'd visitors (5/20)

Record high U.S. hotel prices. (5/20)

Hyatt has new cancellation fee on all inclusive bookings. (5/20)

The cost of lodging & stuff in Venice, Italy. (5/19)

IHG One Rewards offering status match & challenge. (5/19)

BA orders 50 737MAX aircraft, options 100 more. (5/19)

BA union threatens strike to unleash "chaos". (5/19)

The Grand Canyon’s cooler, quieter North Rim. (5/19)

How the pandemic has changed hotel breakfasts. (5/19)

Traveling in the U.S.? Get tested before your trip, CDC says. (5/19)

Spirit Airlines union wants lower wages for its members. (5/19)

ABIA overwhelmed by travelers. Arrive early! (5/19)

Cheap flights to Austin for friends/family to visit you. (5/18)

Need affordable summer vacay? Consider a cruise. (5/18)

Housekeepers union wants more hotel room cleaning. (5/18)

Air Canada gives great award travel value. DL doesn't. (5/18)

Mastercard tests ‘Pay With Your Face’, replaces credit cards. (5/18)

Apple AirTags can fight airport crime. (5/18)

Report: March 737-800 crash in China was intentional. (5/18)

Peculiar hotel complaints. (5/18)

Best ways to use British Air's Avios points. (5/18)

Everything you need to know about traveling to Italy. (5/18)

Southwest introduces "Wanna Get Away Plus" fares. (5/18)

List: 47 countries have ended all covid travel restrictions. (5/18)

AA more flexible rebooking pax during delays. (5/18)

Marriott enters deal w/ Yahoo to spam Bonvoy members. (5/17)

Why you should visit Petrified Forest National Park. (5/17)

Japan may re-open to visitors soon, maybe. (5/17)

Finnair new non-reclining biz seat is a winner. (5/17)

Do it again: Get 8 free covid tests shipped from USPS. (5/17)

AA airport agents now pitching credit cards. (5/17)

Biden to expand Cuba flights, lift Trump-era restrictions. (5/17)

Delta charges so much more for award flights...bc it can. (5/16)

JetBlue really wants to own Spirit Airlines? (5/16)

Israel to drop covid testing & quarantine on 5/20. (5/16)

TSA wait times improving at ABIA, but wait 'til summer. (5/16)

Don't buy tube ticket or Oyster in London. (5/16)

Advice: Strip the bed before checking out of your hotel. (5/16)

Los Angeles Airport 101: The ultimate guide to LAX. (5/16)

NYC cracks down on food/drink airport price gouging. (5/16)

The major bridges of Venice, Italy. (5/15)

Mon Dieu! Most Paris bakeries sell factory-made pastries. (5/15)

AA loyalist creates app to help maximize point earning. (5/15)

Alaska Airlines says daily cancellations to continue. (5/15)

Hotel charged tax on award stay, removed when asked. (5/15)

Experiences using AirTags w/ checked baggage. (5/15)

Vietnam ends entry test effective today. (5/15)

Entering US, be sure to have your Global Entry card handy. (5/15)

Exotic Airbnb's, including at least one in Austin. (5/15)

Huge brawl on Wizz Air flight to Crete. UK pax slugs pilot. (5/14)

The trick to closing AA, SW, UA bigger overhead bins. (5/14)

Largest United Club opens May 19 at EWR. Seats 500! Showers! (5/14)

Off the beaten track: Visiting the mountains of Portugal. (5/14)

Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee early next month. (5/14)

The unexpected advantages of being an old tourist. (5/14)

Jamaica air traffic controllers on strike. (5/14)

Signing up young children for frequent flyer accounts. (5/14)

JD Power's 2022 airline rankings. SWA, JetBlue are best. (5/14)

AA warns only cash customers about risky connections. (5/14)

40+% of Americans think it's OK to fly if covid positive. (5/14)

What am I entitled to if airline cancels my domestic flight? (5/14)

Secrets to traveling w/ teens from a single dad. (5/13)

How to fly a plane in an emergency. (5/13)

Why your credit score differs on different sites. (5/13)

10 credit cards w/ Priority Pass airport lounge access. (5/13)

Hawaiian investing in electric inter-island "seagliders". (5/13)

Delta partially rescinds new policy on club access. (5/13)

The case for doors in biz class. (5/12)

Free alcohol minis returning to UA premium economy. (5/12)

EU urges member nations to drop mask rules on flights. (5/12)

Person w/ no flying experience successfully lands Cessna. (5/11)

At last: Southwest to add at-seat power, bins, wifi in 2023. (5/11)

With pub-crawling Brit lads gone, Prague is quiet place to visit. (5/11)
Flying back to the US: Covid testing the easy way. (5/11)

Cruising is booming in spite of covid. (5/11)

250+ companies request end to US-entry testing. (5/11)

Weird stuff left behind in hotel rooms. (5/10)

Austin joins list of priciest vacay destinations in US. (5/10)

Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam opening up. (5/10)

Why men should never choose a family holiday. (5/10)

Israel to drop covid test & q'tine on arrival. (5/10)

Six airport line-cutting services. PreCheck, Clear, etc. (5/10)

All about Priority Pass, how & why to get a membership. (5/10)

6 things you should know before renting your first RV. (5/10)

If you test positive while abroad. (5/10)

Near-crash, other safety concerns re Mexico City airports. (5/9)

Bask Bank increases savings acct interest to 1.25%. (5/9)

Due to staff shortage, EasyJet removing seats from planes. (5/9)

Costa Rica travel experience from the Senior Nomads. (5/9)

Amex "Trip Cancel Guard" lets you cancel for any reason. (5/8, 9)

Possible long delays for UK-EU chunnel starting Sept. (5/9)

New Mobile Passport app ("CBP MCC") replaces original. (5/9)

United suspends 7 routes due to plane lack (ex EWR and IAD). (5/9)

Free meal at JFK for AA pax w/ Priority Pass card. (5/8)

2,500 bonus miles from a single United flight. (5/8)

Signs you've become a "Dad traveler." (5/8)

Credit card applications: How to prove you have a real biz. (5/8)

Flight attendants sleeping on airport floors. (5/8)

AA gives $1.47 snack boxes to delayed pax. (5/8)

Brits rank the UK's best and worst airports. (LHR ranks well.) (5/8)

Tulsa's new Bob Dylan museum opens this month. (5/8)

Congrats to virtual RATs member Ian, who walked 33.22 miles y'day in "The Great Saunter" around Manhattan, NYC! (5/8)

New BA crew to start w/ only 2-1/2 weeks of training. (5/8)

Vietnam 5/22 entry experience. (5/7)

Taiwan lowers mandatory q'tine to 7 days. (5/7)

Tight connection? Pick your plane seat wisely & other tips. (5/7)

How to work out / exercise during your next long flight. (5/7)

Man w/ 23 weapons in carry-on stopped by TSA. (5/7)

Plan summer travel w/ Google. (5/7)

The best airline seat maps. (5/7)

Covid-stricken cruise ship stops at none of its scheduled ports. (5/6)

Everyone poops weirdly on vacation. (5/6)

Best Western hotels offer 2000 bonus points. (5/6)
Man opens exit of moving plane, walks onto wing, arrested. (5/6)

Barclay credit card application rules & hints. (5/6)

Self-upgrader episode(s) on Qatar Airways ends badly. (5/6)

Waipio Road on HI Big Island Hamakua Coast closed. (5/6)

Visiting Italy gets easier. (5/5)

Unique new Air NZ safety video is set in flying canoe. (5/5)

Is a vacay in Maldives really worth it? The good and bad. (5/5)

Lie-flat options for flights to Hawai'i - 5 airlines. (5/5)

UA warns crews about security in Latin America. (5/5)

AA elites ("status members") get benefits on Gol airline. (5/5)

Virgin Atlantic to JFK U-turns due to co-pilot training lack. (5/5)

What you need to know about international airlines. (5/5)

Carnival helps pay for Seattle hotel q'tine after cruise. (5/5)

Bilt adds UA, Cathay as partners. Good CC for everyone. (5/5)

Delta to restrict when members can use Sky Clubs 6/1. (5/5)

Thailand to launch 300 THB visitor fee, pax must print receipt. (5/4)

Winglet falls off AA flight (Envoy Air) at 36,000 ft. (5/4)

Eurostar and Thalys merging to speed West Europe trains. (5/4)

80K AA miles for  Barclays CC. JetBlue, Hawaiian too. (5/4)

AA flight attendants want 2-drink limit for Coach pax. (5/4)

Qantas to launch world record 20-hr route, Sydney to London. (5/4)

What Prince Charles brings when he travels. Not just carry-on! (5/4)

I flew Frenchbee low-cost airline to Paris, will not again. (5/3)

New Zealand is once again open to vax'd travelers. (5/3)

New Google Flights feature to save time, money on future flights. (5/3)

Free cocktails on UA flights to Italy this summer. (5/3)

Unruly pax who opened plane door gets just 1 yr in jail. (5/3)

Free priority boarding tomorrow only for Alaska Air pax. (5/3)

Travel blogger prefers Lyft over Uber. (5/3)

Online airfare scam. (5/3)

What happens if you get covid while traveling abroad? (5/3)

Pelican on taxiway delays airliner. Don't feed pelicans in FL. (5/3)

Complete guide to Marriott Bonvoy program. (5/2)

Spirit rejects JetBlue, likes Frontier merger, JetBlue ups offer. (5/2)

Suddenly, Greece is much easier to visit. (5/2)

More hotels scamming guests w/ extra fees. (5/2)

Another innocent Hertz renter accused of car theft. (5/1, 2)

Americans feeling "tipping fatigue", tipping less. (5/2)

Most flight attendants should hate their union. (5/2)

Hotel thermostat hacks. (5/2)

Global Entry & etc. reach 10m users. (5/1)

Union threatens UK rail strikes in June. (5/1)

Marriott now offers travel insurance. Worth it? (5/1)

Rock-hard First Class seats on AA A321neo plane. (5/1)

How to avoid a false positive on TSA swab tests. (5/1)

Hiking in Italy’s Dolomite mountains. (4/30)

The completely correct guide to getting over jet lag. (4/30)

Airbnb’s covid refund policy is ending. (4/30)

Today marks 20 years since 1st TSA checkpoint opened. (4/30)

Brit: Los Angeles is 'one of best places on earth'. Top 50. (4/30)

Oktoberfest will return after 2 years, 9/17 to 10/3/22. (4/30)

Reservation required to visit Diamond Head, HI. (4/30, 5/3)

Tips for getting through the airport with kids. (4/30)

Get your Disney fix in Las Vegas? Fun things to see & do. (4/30)

Some great tips for saving $$ on Orlando, etc. vacays. (4/30)

Comparing Travelzoo to points/ miles for vacay packages. (4/30)

Marriott makes free night certs more useful, but... (4/30)

Why airliner windows have those tiny holes at the bottom. (4/30)

KLM cancels dozens of flights this weekend. (4/30)

Family-friendly fun in Taos and Santa Fe. (4/29)

Popular destinations still closed to travelers. (4/29)

Aruba pays $60 to visitors. (4/29)

Budget startup Norse Atlantic selling trans-Atlantic tix. (4/29)

AA fires 50 flight attendants attendance issues. (4/29)

United has extended travel credits to 12/31/23. (4/29)

Pilot/co-pilot conflict almost caused Paris crash April 5. (4/29)

Amsterdam airport asks airlines to cancel flights. (4/29)

World's first "vertiport" for flying cars, taxis opens. (4/29)

10 great places to see in Europe before you die. (4/28)

London Intercontinental O2 hotel charging £30 to use pool. (4/28)

Traveling to Europe this summer? Here’s what to expect. (4/28)

Hertz reports more innocent customers to cops. (4/28)

Emirates Airline needs cabin crew, receives 300,000 job apps. (4/28)

OneWorld lounge hopping In London LHR Terminal 3. (4/28)

How to visit Statue of Liberty in NYC w/o getting scammed. (4/28)

Last-minute travel planning tips. (4/28)

"Marriott hotel uses 1872 law to Bonvoy guest out of $8000". (4/28)

How to build flexibility into your summer vacation. (4/28)

International airline group wants end to masking in planes. (4/28)

Mystery 2016 EgyptAir crash was caused by pilot smoking. (4/28)

Delta will board, depart single-aisle planes earlier. (4/27)

Delta will pay flight attendance for time boarding! (4/26)

JetBlue pilots vote 'no confidence' in management. (4/26)

Hong Kong reopening to visitors, 7d quarantine still req'd. (4/25)

ABIA South Terminal may stick around, move, add gates. (4/25)

Las Vegas loyalty program comparison. (4/25)

RocketMiles: Easier way to earn AA status from hotel stays. (4/25)

Frommer's list of 10 worst US airports. ABIA isn't on it. (4/25)

How to cruise with just a carry-on. (4/25)

Total disregard for re-imposed mask rule at LAX. (4/24)

How to save $ on SWA flights you have already booked. (4/24)

Walking tour of Bucharest, "Paris of the East". (4/24)

Hilton hotel in Tulsa adds sneaky 7.5% to bills. (4/23)

Alaska Air pilots may strike, ground airline. (4/23)

Singapore dropping all testing for vax'd travelers. (4/23)

One-way Delta award tix to Europe are very expensive. (4/22)

Mask mandates return to some LA, Calif transportation. (4/22)

Australia drops travel testing for vax'd visitors. (4/22)

Mediterranean cruise guide: Best itineraries, planning tips. (4/22)

FAA makes ‘zero tolerance’ policy for unruly pax permanent. (4/21)

How to use Biden's free covid test kits for international travel. (4/21)

Creative excuse for tardiness lands TSA screener in trbl. (4/21)

Cannabis tourism info. (4/21)

Lodging options near some National Parks. (4/21)

New Chase Sapphire lounge coming to Las Vegas airport. (4/21)

CDC changes risk assessments for international destinations. (4/21)

Improvements happening to Delta at LAX. (4/21)

About free internet, resort fees at Marriott hotels. (4/21)

Airlines OK return of banned anti-maskers. (4/21)

CDC seeks return of airline mask mandate. (4/21)

How to be a thrifty traveler as prices soar. (4/20)

Wacky: No-mask in only some parts of Philly airport. (4/20)

25% discount on budget airline Play flights to Europe. (4/20)

50K UA miles if you buy/lease a Jaguar. (4/20)

Biden admin may appeal judge's decision to end masks. (4/20)

Masks needed at O'Hare (ORD), not at ABIA (AUS). (4/19)

Our new private Facebook group is "Retired Austin Travelers", created by Cathy O! (4/19)

Videos of in-flight announcements of end of mask rule. (4/19)

Amtrak, all US airlines drop mask rules. (4/19)

Uber, Lyft drop mask rule, end front seat ban. (4/19)

New River Gorge: America's newest national park. (4/19)

13 European nations w/o travel restrictions. (4/19)

Award Wallet, airline pax may benefit from court ruling. (4/19)

Good news: BA to wet-lease aircraft from Finnair. (4/19)

8 beautiful lodges in America's national parks. (4/19)

Nude drinking events in UK pubs. (4/19)

Federal judge voids airline mask mandate, Feds will comply. (4/19)

Unreliability means booking 2 tickets for same trip. (4/18)

How to get a cheap rental car. (4/18)

Is it safe to visit Cancun? Other Mexican destinations? (4/17)

12-night cruise for 2 people, total 80,000 FF miles. (4/17)

eMed covid test company supports test mandate. (4/17)

Lo-cost all-biz-class La Compagnie airline starts NYC-Milan. (4/17)

Why solo travel is booming for over-55s. (4/17)

The beauty of a solo trip to Italy. (4/17)

$12K goods stolen from checked luggage on Cancun flight? (4/17)

Nations you can visit w/ < 6 months left on pport? (4/17)

Do you need to tell credit card companies you're traveling? (4/17)

Best coffee in Iceland. (4/16)

International Travel News (ITN) is no more! April was last issue. Out of business due to covid. (4/16)

Citi credit card application rules. (4/16)

World's largest Western art collection is near Atlanta. (4/15)

In praise of "Fly and Flop" vacations. (4/15)

Hotel loyalty program comparison. IHG, Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott. (4/15)

Spirit flight attendants picketing at US airports. (4/13, 15)

15 European countries w/ no covid travel restrictions. (4/15)

Another British Air baggage, etc. meltdown yesterday. (4/15)

Greece to scrap covid passports 5/1, masks ~6/1. (4/13, 14)

AA will again sell alcohol in Coach. (4/14)

Air New Zealand to drop vax rule, serve food & bevs. (4/14)

Airline mask mandate extended to May 3. (4/13)

How to claim compensation for cancelled EU, UK flights.

The 10 commandments of ordering coffee in Italy. (4/13)

How to avoid hard sell at auto rental counter. (4/13)

AA, AS, JetBlue, UA cut flights, while SWA adds them. (4/13)

EU bans 21 Russian airlines over safety concerns. (4/13)

AA has free wifi on some planes, until May 25. (4/13)

Margaritaville cruise line cancels first sailings. (4/13)

8 US airports among Top 10 Busiest worldwide. (4/12)

EU261 Europe flight delay compensation rules. (4/12)

Explained? Signs on airport tarmac. See comments. (4/12)

New AA 787s will have great biz-class seating, bars. Wow! (4/12)

Airline mask mandate might br extended. (4/12)

No more cargo replacing pax in seating area of airliners. (4/12)

JetBlue cuts summer schedule by about 10%, lacks staff. (4/12)

EU to launch pre-arrival €7 tourist visa (ETIAS) May 2023. (4/11)

Guide to Service Dogs & emotional support animals on planes. (4/11)

Another weekend with hundreds of flights canceled. (4/10)

Oman, a surprisingly green, hypnotic Gulf State. (4/10)

Espresso drinks, fine breakfast in First on some AA flights. (4/10)

Largest study finds no evidence for ivermectin against covid. (4/10)

Illegal $300/mo crash pad for flight crew shut down. (4/10)

China joins race to develop hypersonic aircraft. (4/10)

After 2 years, cruise ships return to Canada. (4/9)

Mexico City's new second airport NLU  is "a disaster." (4/9)

Retirees & "cult cruisers" who live on cruise ships. (4/8)

How and why to pop your ears on a plane. (4/9)

Some US domestic flight delays subject to EU compen$ation. (4/9)

4+ weeks of quarantine for visitors to China. (4/9)

Flight crews misbehaving during layovers. (4/9)

Analysis of AA's NYC strategy re JetBlue, Spirit merger. (4/9)

Yellowstone Nat Park. (4/9)

Sneaky discretionary hotel charges in London. (4/9)

How to prioritize retirement travel goals as we age. (4/8)

Ten ways to save on airport parking. (4/8)

FL glass-bottom kayak tour named best activity in US (4/8)

Experience w/ Delta's 20-min checked bag guarantee. (4/8)

Qantas president blames pax for delays, long lines @ SYD. (4/8)

Amtrak to check pax against TSA no-fly list. (4/8)

World's most powerful passports, list updated. (4/8)

Young able-bodied pax can evac plane in emergency. (4/7)

We may all need covid test kits for int'l travel. Cheap or free! (4/7)

Is it possible to sleep comfortably on an overnight flight? (4/7)

AA, Delta, JetBlue & Southwest meltdowns. (4/7)

ANA offering nice status match opportunity. (4/7)

United ends free liquor in premium economy. (4/6)

Toilet paper race on Southwest Airlines flight. (4/6)

Rosa Parks / Anne Frank refuses to wear mask, delays flight. (4/6)

Buy fast track cheap at UK airports except LHR. (4/6)

Japan 'ends' entry ban for biz travelers April 8. (4/6)

How to book AA flights w/ Ultimate Rewards. (4/6)

Covid test proctoring service. $25. Use your own iHealth kit. (4/6)

A visit to an airline food preparation facility. (4/6)

White House says no plans to drop int'l testing, masks. (4/6)

CDC lowers travel warnings for Canada, 24 others. (4/6)

Tips for flying w/ pets. (4/6)

23 airports with amusing amenities. (4/6)

15% off already-low TAP trans-Atlantic airfares. (4/6)

Air France 777 almost crashes on final approach to CDG. (4/6)

Brazil drops covid rules for vax'd visitors. (4/6)

Hertz CEO admits sending innocent customers to jail. (4/5)

JetBlue and Frontier both want to buy Spirit Airlines. (4/5)

Best & worst meals on a plane. (4/5)

Dress codes for international travelers. (4/5)

How to meet min spend req's on new credit cards. (4/5)

Along w/ Tesla's, Hertz to buy Polestar electric cars. (4/5)

Nine airlines that have dropped mask requirement. (4/5)

Do not insult the king of Thailand! (4/5)

Flight delays may increase when mask mandate is gone. (4/5)

How to get help quicker from AA and DL. (4/5)

JetBlue to launch BOS to Heathrow and Gatwick. (4/5)

South Korea is open (w/ tests), Japan not yet. (4/5)

$100 fee credit for Sapphire Reserve card holders. (4/4)

New sneaky trick by some Uber drivers. (4/4)

AA elites get extra legroom seats on JetBlue? It's complicated. (4/4)

Do you need to learn the language before internat travel? (4/4)

Tieks shoes, "PreHeels" recommended for ladies. (4/4)

Covid resurgence among flight crews causing delays. (4/4)

20% discount on Alaska Airlines airfares. (4/4)

How to fold a suit so it won't wrinkle in suitcase. (4/3)

How to override hotel room thermostats. (4/3)

Several airlines suffer domestic meltdowns. (4/3)

Norwegian Air drops mask requirement 4/4. (4/3)

Radisson Rewards credit card being discontinued. (4/3)

The Takeoff Nap is a satirical website about air travel. (4/2)

Virgin Atlantic adds "The Booth" to some aircraft. (4/2)

BA delays pre-pandemic dining on long-haul flights. (4/2)

Alaska Airlines cancels 100's of flights as pilots picket. (4/2)

Spain tourism ~80% of pre-covid levels. (4/2)

Airbnb lengthens complaint deadline from 24 to 72 hrs. (4/2)

Techie pax hacks his airline's website for good reason. (4/2)

April Fools jokes from Emirates, Finnair. (4/1)

NZ, HK, Malaysia, Myanmar, SIN, S Korea reopening in April (4/1)

Norwegian drops mask mandate from all? flights. (4/1)

Qatar reimposes secret fees on award travel. (4/1)

AA CEO who made air travel worse, is retiring rich.  (3/31)

Union wants AA FAs paid for boarding time on planes. (3/31)

Some airlines’ boarding passes offer perks after arrival. (3/31)

Countries that ex-criminals can't visit. (3/31)

Ultra tough Bose travel speaker review. (3/31)

BA not compensating pax for cancelled flights. (3/31)

Kimpton Hotels offer free video therapy to guests. (3/31)

AA may expire miles Friday. Book & cancel to keep them alive. (3/30)

Excellent Turkish Air lounge gets even better. (3/30)

Sweden to drop all entry rules April 1. Denmark. (3/30)

British Airways cancels ~100 Flights w/ pax on planes. (3/30)

49€ status match from yours to OneWorld via Air Maroc! (3/30)

Marriott continues to devalue Bonvoy points, "free" nights. (3/30)

He flew LAX-Tokyo for lunch. (3/30)

Frontier Airlines hiring foreign pilots due to US shortage. (3/30)

Marche (eastern Italy) is "the next Tuscany". (3/30)

The rental car ‘apocalypse’ isn’t over, won't be soon. (3/30)

21 states sue to end airline mask mandate. (3/30)

Ratings, map of 200 bagel shops in NYC. (3/30)

Qatar's continuing paint issue - Now claims safety issue. (3/30)

32% of AA flight attendants owe union dues, may lose jobs. (3/30)

Air Tahiti Nui partners w/ Alaska Airlines, flies to Seattle. (3/30)

Saudi Arabia visa-on-arrival for US, UK, EU tourists. (3/30)

Save on SWA - Reprice your existing reservations. (3/29)

Real del Monte is a British town in Mexico. (3/29)

Dubai tourism - better than expected. (3/29)

Alaska Airlines has "pronoun pins" for frontline staff. (3/29)

Kate Middleton's secret for looking perfect after plane trip. (3/29)

10 Amtrak rides for $399, sale ends today. (3/29)

Will Smith, the Slap, and flight attendants. (3/29)

Austin airport meltsdown after 3 big events end. (3/29)

Amid tourism boom, Mexico less safe to visit. (3/29)

Marriott cuts its breakfast costs, says it's an enhancement. (3/28)

Pent up demand: AA sells historic high number of tickets. (3/28)

Qatar Airways returning 4 more giant A380s to service. (3/27)

Solo travel for baby boomers is booming. (3/27)

KLM to start Austin - Amsterdam flights tomorrow. (3/27)

SAS offers ~$500 r/t US to Faroe Islands via Copenhagen. (3/27)

Google can notify you when your destination's rules change. (3/27)

Planeload of SWA pax name little girl's teddy bear. (3/27)

Former AA FA union head misappropriated funds. (3/27)

Qantas will fly DFW-Melbourne non-stop. Also to Sydney. (3/27)

Thailand may ease visitor rules on/by June 1. (3/26)

Every Europe nation more $$$ this summer, except Turkey. (3/26)

Inconsistent passport, Global Entry renewal wait times. (3/26)

Nine times you do not need to tip on a cruise. (3/26)

Hawaii domestic travel mandates officially ended today. (3/26)

JetBlue is short-staffed, pleads w/ FAs for patience. (3/26)

The secret to finding the best food while on vacation. (3/26)

Available space under airline seats is highly variable. (3/26)

AA and JetBlue add reciprocal benefits for elites. (3/26)

JetBlue adds more London flights. BA trims schedule.  (3/26)

Free elite SkyTeam status via new ITA airline. (3/26)

On eating horses, char, puffins and whales in Iceland. (3/25)

About IHG's new credit cards. 1  2  3  4

Australia drops testing April 17. Poignant new ad.  (3/25)

Southwest will add 4th fare category. (3/25)

Indian airline SpiceJet pitches medicines inflight. (3/25)

$100 discount on Amtrak Rail Pass until 3/29. (3/24)

UK hotel rates will rise ~7.5% April 1 (no foolin!) (3/24)

South Africa drops testing for vax'd visitors. (3/24)

Every big US airline asks Biden to end testing, mask mandate. (3/24)

Need a coronavirus test before your trip? Don’t panic. (3/24)

AA elites now get extra legroom on JetBlue. (3/24)

Singapore ~opens to vax'd visitors, paper CDC cards OK. (3/24)

How to ensure that your family sits together on plane. (3/24)

Gatwick (LGW) returning to normal. (3/23)

Reallocate credit online during Chase card application. (3/23)

Nashville - What to see and do in that other music city. (3/23)

Qatar Airways using Avios rewards currency, like BA, Iberia. (3/23)

Avis & Hertz accused of predatory pricing. (3/23)

Entire plane sings "Baby Shark" to calm crying child. (3/23)

AA will drop airplane mask mandate when Feds do. (3/22)

KLM plans to stop monitoring face masks this week. (3/22)

Italy covid rules change April 1, May 1. (3/22)

10 vacation spots recommended for Brits. Austin is one. (3/22)

Tips for traveling to the Philippines. (3/22)

High-speed train to run length of Italy (Genoa-Naples). (3/22)

IHG rewards program changes, and 20% discount. (3/22)

Police called after Sen. Ted Cruz arrives late for flight. (3/22)

Passport wait times improving. (3/21)

Google Flights now shows current travel rules. (3/21)

Fast TSA PreCheck registration trial. Should pax be tested? (3/21)

Germany airport chaos expected tomorrow (Tuesday). (3/21)

737 (not MAX) crashes in southern China, all pax dead. (3/21)

Many find love while flying. (3/21)

Hong Kong changes strategy, to permit travelers April 9. (3/21)

Air Serbia one of few airlines still flying Russia-EU routes. (3/20)

Southwest has new non-stops ex Austin to Amarillo, Charleston, Columbus, Midland/Odessa, Ontario/LA, and Puerto Vallarta.

Truths about American tourists, explained by a Brit. (3/20)

Nations with no covid rules / restrictions. (3/20)

UK starts 4th covid shots for vulnerable next week. (3/20)

Historic airports that have stood the test of time. (3/20)

Six ways to manage airport crowd chaos. (3/20)

Pax describe grounded NCL cruise ship confusion. (3/20)

Proposed rule makes airline toilets wheelchair accessible. (3/20)

British Air meltdowns at LHR due to staffing shortage. (3/20)

Spirit wifi is fast (streaming!), cheap ($3, $5). (3/20)

Will pax banned due to no mask be able to fly again soon? (3/20)

How to find/book all-inclusive vacation deals. (3/19)

Regarding excess fees for flights to/from the UK. (3/19)

German warning about Kaspersky anti-virus software. (3/19)

21st annual Brooklyn Reality Tour on June 25. Wine Do 6/26. (3/19)

Rockefeller Plaza is NYC's new hot spot. (3/19)

"The Next Exit" book/app for highway travel info. (3/19)

Airport staff went home, JetBlue pax left stranded on plane. (3/19)

20% off some IHG reward nights. (3/19)

Flying Southwest as an unaccompanied minor. (3/19)

Young man sues Delta over obscene hoodie, etc. (3/19)

Next Generation US passports coming this year. (3/19)

Italy to ease covid rules May 1. (3/19)

Spirit adding new routes. (3/19)

Schitt's Creek cruise sails next year. Celebrity Summit. (3/19)

The very first supersonic airliner. (Second link is a good read.) (3/19)

Thailand changes travel rules. (3/19)

AA bringing back alcohol, snack sales on April 18. (3/18)

CLEAR deal for United "Premier" elites. (3/18)

Airlines fly revised routes between US and India, avoid Russia. (3/18)

BA.2 variant might extend airline mask mandate. (3/18)

Time to end testing for travel to USA? (3/18)

Combining etc. Chase Ultimate Reward points. (3/18)

UK ferry workers labor dispute. (3/18)

Some Finnair pax get North Pole "Diplomas". (3/18)

$1 Megabus fares available thru 9/7, limited supply. (3/18)

Vietnam has scrapped all most travel restrictions. (3/17)

UK ends travel restrictions, airline mask mandate. UPDATE (3/15, 17)

White House tours resume Apr 15 on Fri and Sat mornings. (3/17)

Paris & UK airports drop mask requirement. (3/17)

Comparing Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer partners. (3/17)

Gatwick Express train to resume operations April 3. (3/17)

Fake: Video shows woman w/ peacock on plane. (3/17)

Airfares are very pricey now. Wait or buy? (3/17)

Advanced scanners will reduce value of TSA PreCheck. (3/17)

Canada to drop pre-arrival covid test requirement. (3/17)

AA moves USA-London Heathrow flights from T3 to T5. (3/16)

Greece discontinues Passenger Locator Form for visitors. (3/16)

Amenity most valued by hotel guests is...bottled water. (3/16)

New budget airline Norse Atlantic delays start. (3/16)

Pandemic over? Delta sets all-time record for new bookings. (3/16)

New Zealand moves toward opening to visitors. (3/16)

CDC lowers warning level for cruise ships to Level 2. (3/15)

India giving 500,000 free eVisas.. (3/15)

Pilot shortage forces route cuts. (3/14)

Airline abandons 94 yo woman in wheelchair after flight. (3/14)

Marriott Up to 2 Free Nights After 2 Paid Stays (targeted) (3/14)

Swiss Air auctioning off spare Economy seats. (3/14)

Deceptive "discretionary" charge to London hotel bills. (3/13)

Comparison of 4 travel pillows for sleeping on planes. (3/13)

Turkish Air gives free hotel nights on some routes. (3/13)

United flight diverts to Austin after explosion report. (3/12)

Ultimate packing list for a cruise. (3/11)

Going up? The impact of oil price on airfares. (3/11)

What could be worse than SSSS on your boarding pass? (3/11)

Airline mask mandate extended to at least 4/18. (3/10)

MSC cruise line, big in Europe, coming to NYC. (3/10)

Loss of Russian tourists leads to lower/higher Europe prices? (3/10)

Prices rising, make your summer travel plans now. (3/10)

Delta introducing vegetarian meals in 1st class. (3/10)

Dallas 'Frequent Traveler University' in early April. (3/10)

Last week to get easy Southwest Companion Pass. (3/10)

Fake hotel housekeeper robs guests. (3/10)

Will airline mask mandate extend past March 18? (3/9, 10)

Puerto Rico eases entry rules. (3/10)

United lets unvax'd staff return to work. (3/10)

Uber has new feature for groups of riders, families. (3/10)

The other Heathrow. (3/9)

Major hotel chains (exc Marriott) stop Russia development. (3/9)

Fuel surcharges may raise cruise fares, even retroactively. (3/9)

Surprising best ways to pay overseas. Not CC, not cash. (3/9)

First new UK cruise ship in a decade. (3/9)

Flying San Antonio-Branson or NO? Check Breeze Airways. (3/9)

Hotel advice: Take a photo of your room number. (3/9)

Malaysia opens to quarantine-free travel. (3/9)

Raise window shades during takeoff, landing? (3/9)

Budget carrier Wizz Air flights reviewed. (3/9)

Get Schwab fee-free worldwide ATM card, get paid $101. (3/9)

How to pay taxes w/ a credit card. (3/9)

Why it's hard to lose anything in Japan. (3/9)

Airbnb host really dislikes negative reviews. (3/9)

Carbon footprint of several travel options (air, car, train, etc.). (3/8)

Norwegian Cruise Line NCL changing onboard dining. (3/8)

Tips for avoiding delays with positioning flights. (3/8)

Ireland has dropped all travel restrictions. (3/6, 8)

AirJapan will be new international airline, owned by ANA. (3/8)

New airline Niceair to link Europe & northern Iceland June 2. (3/8)

Track Russian oligarch private planes, yachts on Twitter. (3/8)

Israel, El Al continue Russia business, flights. (3/8)

Bali opens up, but w/ test on arrival. (3/8)

Ukraine Airbnb charity may backfire. (3/8)

SWA to spend $250M for improvements at Hobby. (3/7)

Is it wise now to visit Europe? (3/7)

Hawaii to drop US visitor rules March 25. (3/6)

"Gates of Hell" in Turkmenistan closing to tourists. (3/6)

Maldives drops testing for vax'd visitors. (3/6)

Pax arrested: Vaping, drinking, vomiting, resisting in UK. (3/6)

Great USA places to visit in June. (3/6)

RCCL Wonder of the Seas cruise ship reviewed. (3/6)

Updates on travel to France. (3/5)

NJ might actually start letting drivers pump own gas! (3/4)

Aeroflot partially blocked on biggest ticket platform. (3/4)

Drunk JetBlue co-pilot (4x legal) taken off flight, arrested. (3/3)

Reservation systems still support Russian airlines. (3/3)

BA ground staff spat at by angry pax after IT crash. (3/2)

Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, maybe Malaysia reopening. (3/2)

India-US flights cancelled due to Russia overflight ban. (3/2)

What to do when airline reschedules your flight. (3/2)

Disruptions as US airspace closed to Russian aircraft. (3/2)

Is it safe to travel in Europe? near Ukraine? (3/1)

Airspace closures affecting airline schedules, costs. (3/1)

Finnair pauses Asia routes...they route over Russia. (3/1)

TSA PreCheck works at Nassau, Bahamas airport. (2/28)

AA adds auto upgrades for elites, eliminates 500 mi ug's. (2/28)

Finnair shares down due to Russia airspace closure. (2/28)

United is testing downgrade of award calendar. (2/28)

Europe, Canada, but not US, block Russian airlines. (2/27)

Some can now renew their US passports online. (2/27)

What it's like to rent and drive a Tesla from Hertz. (2/27)

Two KLM planes to Russia turn around in route.  (2/27)

Benefits of joining each auto rental company program. (2/27)

Trick to see IHG award calendar (month). (2/27)

Beautiful new Forest Lagoon spa in northern Iceland. (2/27)

Yellowstone NP in winter, celebrates 150th anniv. (2/27)

Rick Steves cancels all Russian tours. (2/27)

All Russian airlines banned from EU (but not US) airspace. (2/27)

AA , BA, UA need cash. (2/27) is a new award search tool for flights. $5 to try. (2/26)

The TWA Hotel at JFK. (2/26)

Iceland lifts of all COVID-19 restrictions. (2/24, 26)

British Air cancelled all short-haul flights after IT outage. (2/26)

Flight to Hawai'i delayed, coach pax prob not amused? (2/26)

Biden's pollster says lift mask rules or lose election. (2/26)

Delta stops codesharing w/ Aeroflot (Russian). (2/26)

Russia bans UK airlines from its airspace, & vice-versa. (2/26)

EU prepares to drop pre-travel testing requirements. (2/25)

How to get replacement CDC vax card. (2/25)

Skiplagged is risky way to save on airfare. (2/25)

Misbehaving SWA pax faces 20 yr in prison. (2/25)

Airlines, cruise ships avoiding Russia. (2/25)

Wrong person arrested at LAX, jailed 13 days. (2/25)

UK bans Aeroflot, all Russian aircraft. (2/24)

Why (some) hotels put a chocolate on your pillow. (2/24)

Meals coming to more AA domestic flights in 1st class. (2/24)

New rules for tipping overseas. (2/24)

Winter visits to Wind Wolves Preserve, Sequoia NP. (2/24)

Good experiences in airport lounges. (2/24)

Budget airline Play offering $129 Orlando-Iceland tix. (2/23, 24)

Thailand travel tips from people who just went. Confusion. (2/22)

Caution re phone use in secure area when returning to US. (2/22)

Be sure devices are charged before TSA security. (2/22)

Anyone planning a cruise should go to CruiseCritic Roll Call. (2/22)

Easy hack for Amana under-window hotel A/C's. (2/22)

Qatar Airways switching from QMiles to Avios for rewards. (2/22)

Union pushes to extend mask mandate on planes. (2/22)

Israel to open to all starting March 1, even un-vax'd. (2/22)

Uber drivers reported to scam distant pax. (2/22)

All about Airbnb Experiences (tours, activities, etc.). (2/21)

Flying after losing your ID. (2/21)

Zero-gravity plane coming to Austin for SXSW. $8200. (2/21)

Switzerland to end covid travel & mask rules. (2/21)

Vietnam: Some HCM hotels, attractions open to us. (2/20)

Flying to Europe, Asia w/ young kids? Consider via Canada. (2/20)

Man buys used car from Carvana, Hertz reports it stolen. (2/20)

AA cuts international routes. Whose fault? (2/20, 21)

Albania tourism information. (2/20)

Booster and vaccine-timing rules for international travelers. (2/19)

Places vax'd Americans can visit now. (2/19)

TSA food and powder rules that nobody knows. (2/19)

Amtrak Coast Starlight trip review. (2/19)

Hotel rooms airlines give you during flight delays. (2/19)

Can you still trust TripAdvisor ratings? (2/19)

"Downfall - The Case Against Boeing'" is new documentary about 737MAX on Netflix. (2/19)

Brandon can't go: Allegiant boots pax w/ political mask. (2/18)

Up to 8 kids fly 'free' w/ an adult on Agean all summer. (2/18)

What’s safer during covid — a long flight or layovers? (2/18)

No test needed for vax'd visitors to France. $40 fee. (2/18)

In Thailand, do not complain online. (2/18)

LAX & Buenos Aires airport lounges accept payments. (2/18)

Nava's "Around the World in Many Days" trip diary.

Mobile Passport (vs. Global Entry). Not usable at ABIA. (2/17)

Niceair to fly Europe to northern Iceland. (2/17)

Singapore eases entry rules for vax'd. (2/17)

How to see what Uber drivers think of you. (2/17)

Budget airline Bonza to start service intra-Australia. (2/17)

Efficient fraudsters use robo calls to steal crypto, etc. (2/17)

Gemut is very good European rental car co. White paper. (2/16)

New malaria threat to African cities. Europe, US also? (2/16)

How to override hotel thermostat settings. (2/16)

Woman on motorized suitcase leads Florida airport chase. (2/16)

Iberia (Oneworld member) will fly to DFW starting June 1. (2/16)

Austria, Germany, etc. & Canada ease covid rules for vax'd. (2/16)

Vietnam opening to visitors. (2/16)

CDC lowers cruise ship risk rating. (2?16)

Unruly air pax just wanted publicity for anti-vax views. (2/16)

Bettors say 74% chance air mask mandate to end by Nov. (2/16)

Circulation exercises to do on a plane. (2/15)

Budget carrier (ULCC) Wizz Air wants to fly trans-Atlantic. (2/15)

Rental car additional-driver prices. (2/15)

For vax'd, no covid test needed to enter France. (2/15)

Japanese convenience stores have almost everything. (2/15)

Budget airline Norse Atlantic to start selling tix by 3/31. (2/15)

Fights on a plane(s). Air Caraïbes, Frontier, American (2/13, 14)

How to use Southwest Airlines Companion Pass. (2/14)

US to Hong Kong flights banned until March 15. (2/12, 13)

Credit card retention offer database. (2/13)

Hotel takes reservations, moves guests to cheaper hotel? (2/13)

Airbnb: Good news, bad news. (2/13)

Number of Americans who don't travel, etc. (2/13)

Airline ratings (in 2020) for pax w/ nut allergy. (2/13)

Discount on $$$ Rocky Mountaineer trains. (2/13)

United limited time offer $15 back for inflight PayPal buys. (2/13)

Fiji reopens to vax'd pax. (2/13)

Can add frequent travelers to Southwest acct. (2/13)

Pax are not willing to pay extra for green travel. (2/13)

Houthi drone injures 12+ at Saudi airport. (2/13)

Airline CEO says pax will need masks forever. (2/13)

Australia, except Melbourne, to open to vax'd Feb. 21. (2/12)

Marriott hotel has $2800 cancellation penalty. (2/12)

Pax almost opens airliner door in-flight over Florida. (2/12)

Nasal spray, sold OTC in Israel, cuts covid time in half. (2/12)

Las Vegas, Universal Orlando, states end mask rules. (2/12)

Southwest Companion Pass special deal. (2/10, 12)

Hertz filed 20,000 incorrect 'stolen car' reports w/ police?! (2/12)

Credit score incorrect beliefs. (2/11)

Club Med adding 17, renovating 13 locations. (2/11)

Mesa Airlines says its planes are boats, avoids regs. (2/10)

The Points Guy says it's time to drop testing for int'l travel. (2/10)

Sweden drops local covid rules, not for US visitors. (2/10)

One simple tip to save $$ on car rentals. (2/10)

Oneworld to introduce alliance-wide upgrades in 2022. (2/10)

If you test positive while abroad. (2/10)

Aruba, Bermuda, India relax testing for vax'd visitors. (2/10)

AA resumes hot meals, drinks in 1st Class on long flights. (2/10)

Air France resuming flights to Paris Orly. (2/9)

Deceptive Delta ad about in-flight wifi. (2/9)

About Global Entry renewals. (2/9)

About that anti-vax travel company. (2/9)

Man arrested for alleged rape during flight to UK. (2/9)

Hawaii in talks to drop covid travel restrictions by spring. (2/9)

Austin company is leader in nude cruises. (2/9)

Norwegian Cruise Line to relax covid rules in March. (2/9)

SWA sale, "Change" existing flights to identical, get refunds. (2/8)

How to avoid checked luggage. (2/8)

Update on AA-GOL (Brazil) partnership. (2/8)

$15 from Paypal for in-flight purchase on United. (2/8)

Vietnam opening for international tourists. (2/8)

Gift received by secret AA Concierge Key members. (2/7)

Booking free night at Marriott for family / friends risky. (2/7)

$995 to join "Mile High Club", includes certificate. (2/7)

Australia to open to tourism Feb. 21. (2/7)

Air Canada 747s had dance floor upstairs. (2/6)

Slot machines coming to BWI Baltimore/DC airport? (2/6)

Virus speeds, slows the death of the hotel minibar. (2/6)

Legal fight over ABIA's South Terminal. (2/6)

More Marriott franchisee misbehavior. (2/6)

PCR test "cycles" choice can give false positives. (2/5)

New budget airlines Avelo, Breeze Airways and Aha. (2/5)

Travel rules after recovering from covid. (2/5)

Greece, Portugal to drop test requirements for vax'd. (2/5)

Why Biden admin keeps air travel mask mandate. (2/5)

Delta wants unruly pax put on US no-fly terrorist list. (2/5)

Bali visitors need "Warm Up Vacation" package. (2/4)

Large increase in laser strikes at airliners. (2/4)

US Virgin Islands drops pre-arrival test rule. (2/4)

Booze returns to Southwest Feb 16 for flights >176 miles. (2/4)

Travel industry urges to drop tests for inbound pax to US. (2/4)

Checked-bag changes at Delta, Frontier. (2/3) 

Airlines ask Biden to end testing. (2/3)

New Zealand plans to re-open slowly. (2/3)

ANA doubles fuel surcharge for award flights. (2/2)

Don't count on a supersonic airliner anytime soon. (2/2)

Airbnb-like tent for rent in Zurich. (2/2)

Airlines avoiding over-flying, overnights in Ukraine. (2/2) 

Spain may issue digital nomad visas. (2/2)

Most-vax'd places in US to safely visit. (2/2)

KLM to fly AUS-AMSterdam n/s starting 3/28. (2/2)

Hellish stay in Cambodian q'tine camp. (2/2)

How to fly w/ your dog. (2/2)

New covid rules rec'd for travel to & in Europe. (2/1)

Tips for flying with kids. (2/1)

Employee stowaways on Ethiopian Airlines. (2/1)

Lufthansa resumes AUS-Frankfurt flights Apr 8. (2/1)

Bali re-opens for vax'd w/ 5d q'tine. (2/1)

New UK delayed-flight rules. (2/1)

Low-cost trans-Atlantic airline Play adds ~NYC. (2/1)

Bettors predict end of plane mask rule by Nov 8. (2/1)

Morocco welcomes tourists starting Feb 7. (1/31)

WHO says travel bans are ineffective. (1/31)

Bad multi-hour JetBlue meltdown at JFK! (1/31)

US warns re travel to Dubai b/c missile attacks. (1/31)

Cruise ship aborts rocket launch. (1/31)

How to visit Oahu w/o a $$$ rental car, etc. (1/31)

Australia to open to visitors "well before Easter". (1/31)

$100 e-gift certificates for $90. (1/31)

Battery-assist bicycles on trails in the UK. (1/31)

Ryanair CEO expects air mask rule to endure. (1/31)

Does covid vax impact fertility? (1/31)

Venice glassmakers face natural gas threat. (1/31)

Los Angeles map showing touristy attractions. (1/30)

Hacks to bypass TSA 3-1-1 rule. (1/30)

Progress on 5G cellular - airline safety dispute. (1/30)

50 fantastic things to do in Kyiv, Ukraine (?!). (1/29)

Philippines welcomes vax'd tourists, no q'tine. (1/29)

Visiting offbeat museums & attractions. (1/29)

New CEO hopes to fix British Air problems. (1/29)

How to track Elon Musk's private jet on Twitter. (1/29)

Pending changes to Hawaii vax/boost rules. (1/29)

Airportle is Wordle w/ airport codes. (1/29)

New Rules: Visa-free living in Mexico is over. (1/29)

VeriFly adds useless? "expedite fee" option. (1/29)

Young cancer patient named "Princess of Delta." (1/29)

Prophet pronounces doom for Spirit airline staff. (1/29)

Covid+ TSA screeners at work to get bonus. (1/29)

SWA delays return of alcohol. History. (1/29)

Pax gets 6 mo. in Fed prison for groping FA. (1/28)

VIP barred from hotel for expired Green Pass. (1/28)

Hawaii tourism rebound continues. (1/28)

End testing of returning Americans? (1/28)

More cruise lines requiring boosters. (1/28)

Hotel credit cards giving annual free nights. (1/28)

Norway no longer q'tine on arrival for visitors. (1/28)

How to use standard covid tests for travel. (1/27)

Places to Love...Houston! (1/27)

Large Carnival ship's maiden voyage to Galveston. (1/27)

France has new vaccine pass 1/24, & another 2/15. (1/27)

Just back from multi-nation European trip. (1/27)

Hot meals again in more Delta 1st class. (1/27)

Jet bridge accident: Door ripped off 777. (1/27)

***Discuss cruises at Cruise Critic "Roll Calls". (1/26)

Crystal Cruises parent is bankrupt. (1/26)

Some Austin areas have ATT super-fast 5G. (1/26)

Skeptical look at Delta's eco-conscious effort. (1/26)

Feedback: Now is a great time to take a cruise. (1/26)

Emirates biz touted for flights to Europe. (1/26)

UK ends pre & post-arrival tests for vax'd Feb. 11. (1/25)

Will dressing nicely get you a 1st Class upgrade? (1/25)

Nations dropping covid  travel testing rules. (1/25)

New AA-Brit Air lounges at JFK Terminal 8. (1/25)

Book Schiphol-downtown train tix on KLM site. (1/25)

Frontier lowers max weight for checked bags. (1/25)

Most Hiltons may not offer upgrades. (1/25)

How to request a car rental receipt afterwards. (1/25)

Netherlands opens up some. (1/25)

Booster soon req'd to visit Hawaii. (1/25)

UK to remove testing for vax'd arrivals Feb 11. (1/24)

New vax rule for foreigners into US. (1/24)

AA to fly AUS to Cozumel, Montego Bay. & SWA. (1/24)

1-day sale on noise cancel BT headphones. (1/24)

Ireland relaxes covid rules for vax'd Americans. (1/24)

Is it safe to fly to UAE? (1/24)

Medellin, City of Eternal Spring. (1/24)

UK travel tests ending for vax'd. See 12:39pm. (1/24)

Pax wears space helmet, can't fly. (1/24)

ABIA: Bigger AUS AA lounge, no Amex lounge. (1/24)

Stowaway survives in plane wheelwell. (1/24)

UK to end covid isolation rules in March. (1/24)

Southwest may reconsider open seating policy. (1/24)

2 tourists killed in Cancun shoot-out. (1/24)

She was stuck in NZ q'tine hotel for 10 days. (1/23)

Yosemite studying limit to # of summer visitors. (1/23)

Seizure order for Crystal Symph. cruise ship. (1/23)

Where to get free N95 masks. (1/23)

Singapore's new rules for visitors. (1/23)

Caribbean nations added to Very High Risk list. (1/23)

$20 Soarigami solves shared armrest problem. (1/23)

China won't re-open to air travel for a year? (1/23)

Lonely Planet's top 10 countries to visit 2022. (1/23)

Mexico is the best destination now. (1/23)

46 pre-flight hacks. (1/22)

Northern Pacific, new budget trans-Pac airline. (1/19)

Cruise travel updates. (1/22)

Complete guide to Global Entry. (1/22)

AA will cut in-flight food/bev service. (1/22)

DIY cocktails to make in airport lounges. (1/22)

Thailand to relax entry restrictions in Feb. (1/22)

Argentina's favorable "blue dollar" exchange. (1/22)

Chase, Capital One opening airport lounges. (1/22)

Unruly self-upgraders cause flight cancellation. (1/22)

20 Trips: How to make your travel count. (1/22)

Maskless pax charged w/ assault. (1/22)

Sites to select best airline seats. SG, Aerolopa. (1/21)

Omicron in US before first report from S Africa. (1/21)

Canadian budget airline  Lynx Air launches. (1/20)

How to learn # of vax'd  staff at your hotel. (1/20)

Majuro airport falling apart, UA cancels flights. (1/20)

AA Flight Atten union wants less cabin service. (1/20)

Airport lounges during the pandemic. (1/20)

Breeze Airways, small (right now) and a bargain. (1/20)

Laser illuminates pax cabin of airliner. (1/19)

Big changes coming  to IHG rewards program. (1/19)

Secrets of 5-star hotels from their employees. (1/19)

Europe travel info for Americans. (1/19)

Airliners might someday have only 1 pilot. (1/18)

Turkey Is Now Türkiye. (1/18)

Bask Bank svgs acct earns AA frequent flyer miles. (1/18) 

The real reason airlines oppose cellular 5G? (1/18)

Huge cash penalties for hotel cancellations. (1/18)

Roche, Siemens Omicron tests avail in 2 wks? (1/18)

China suspends direct incoming flights. (1/18)

Hilton eliminating free breakfast, or not. (1/17)

"Energy healer" publicizes issues after flight. (1/17)

What to do if an airline 'does you wrong'. (1/17)

Under pressure, BOA cancels fraudulent taxi fare. (1/16)

Pax sat inside the wings of this 1931 airliner. (1/16)

US national vax card, but limited for Texans. (1/16)

Best months for Alaska cruising. (1/16)

Unruly air pax incidents drop 50%. (1/16)

Where vax'd Americans can travel. (1/16)

UK may this month drop testing for int'l travel. (1/16)

Home covid tests are now covered by ins. (1/16)

Belize announces new safe travel rules. (1/15)

Rules, regs for travel to many destinations. (1/15)

Most popular 2022 destinations. (1/15)

Cruise ships can set their own covid rules. (1/15)

Tiki bar renaissance in New Orleans. (1/15)

AA cracking down on senior FAs selling good trips. (1/15)

Big booster problem for visitors to France. (1/15)

BinaxNOW test not OK for Dubai to US flights? (1/15)

FedEx wants anti-missle system on its planes. (1/15)

Progress toward supersonic airliners. (1/15)

Norse Atlantic to startup this spring, US to Oslo. (1/15)

January is best month to book cruises, air. (1/14)

New rules, fees for electric vehicle (EV) rentals. (1/14)

150,000 United FF miles card offer. $99 annual fee. (1/14)

Hawai'i may require booster for visitors. (1/14)

Airline travel waivers for NE USA. (1/14)

"Flight attendant" atop world's tallest bldg. (1/14)

AA extends expiration of Systemwide Upgrades. (1/14)

Regional airlines struggle in pandemic. (1/13)

Amazon has 3M N95 masks, 20 for $25. (1/13)

Delta extends validity of eCredits. (1/13)

Israel re-opens for visitors. (1/13)

Smart ways Quebec boosts vax rates. (1/13)

Senior AA flight attandants sell trips to junior FAs. (1/13)

New Israel covid info site for tourists. (1/13)

Mexican states get vax mandates. (1/13)

Cruise lines using quarantine ships for + crew. (1/13)

UK Queen's Plat Jubilee schedule. (1/12)

New voluntary covid rules for cruise ships. (1/12)

Instant airline reservations for $12. Not tix. (1/12)

How to get from Orlando airport to Disney. (1/12)

Power grids fail in Argentina due to extreme heat. (1/12)

Chioggia, Italy, is a smaller Venice. (1/12)

CDC advises to avoid Canada, many others. (1/12)

Getting compensation if you are bumped. (1/12)

Pax damages AA cockpit pre-departure. (1/12)

737 MAX put Boeing in regulatory hell. (1/11)

Hong Kong to ban transit pax. (1/11)

Vax prevents hospital need for United Air staff. (1/11)

Can use Alaska Air FF miles on Royal Air Maroc. (1/11)

About travel insurance. (1/11)

Rumor: Hilton free bkfst replaced w/ coupon. (1/11)

More cruise lines to require booster. (1/11)

Aer Lingus & AA announce partnership. (1/11)

BA cancels 3 US routes, but not AUS. (1/11)

'Round the World Rosie'. (1/11)

Book a second seat on plane for more room. (1/11)

Self-defense training for flight attendants. (1/11)

Some Marriotts add sleazy "Sustainability Fee". (1/11)

Some airline meals returning. (1/11)

SWA (maybe) offers cheap covid tests to pax. (1/11)

Airlines flying empty planes around Europe. (1/11)

Emergency numbers (like 911) for other nations. (1/11)

SWA pilots vs. flight attendants re masks. (1/11)

Things you no longer see at US airports. (1/10)

Guys charged in fire of Key West Southern buoy. (1/10)

What to do on Big Island of Hawai'i. (1/10)

Hertz Gold Rewards points are un-usable? (1/9)

Handy gadgets for int'l travelers. (1/9)

Weird requests pax have made on planes. (1/9)

Puerto Rico updated entry rules. (1/9)

Squat toilet work-around for Westerners. (1/9)

What foreigners must do to visit the USA. (1/8)

Quarantined on a cruise ship...not fun. (1/8)

Booster required for French Pass Sanitaire. (1/8)

Fine dining <$10  in Budapest. (1/8)

No easy return to Canada for in-flight party-ers. (1/8)

FREE BEER! Guinness, Heineken. (1/8)

Alaska Air cuts flights by 10%. (1/8)

82% of Italy - India pax test Positive on arrival? (1/8)

NCL, RCCL cancel cruises. (1/8)

Official: Virgin Atlantic starts AUS-LHR 5/25/2022. (1/8)

Why don't most airlines offer free wi-fi? (1/7)

If you test Positive before return to USA. (1/7)

MGM ends MLife program Feb. 1. (1/7)

UK ends pre-arrival testing. (1/7)

6 things to do if flight is canceled / delayed. (1/7)

Rumor: Virgin Atlantic to fly AUS-LHR. Status match. (1/7)

Advice for safe winter driving trips. (1/5)

Bilt is excellent no-fee credit card for renters. (1/5)

New rules for arrivals at Mumbai airport. (1/5)

Hong Kong bans flights from US, CAN, UK, 5 others. (1/5)

Norse Atlantic Air closer to trans-Atlantic ops. (1/4)

Those darn SSSS boarding passes. (1/4)

Change jetBlue flights w/o pay fare difference! (1/3)

Cruise lines requiring masks again. (1/3)

Palm Springs visitor guide. (1/3)

Vote by mail if >64yo. Must request annually. (1/3)

Find domestic flights w/ widebody aircraft. (1/3)

Expired US passport extension for return. (1/3)

UK to end pre-departure tests for inbound pax. (1/3)

How to reduce call hold times at AA, DL. (1/2)

Tested Positive, cannot return to US. (1/1)

Ten national parks worth visiting in winter. (1/1)

Ten unexpected items to take on cruises. (1/1/2022)

State Dept says make contingency plans. (12/31)

If you test Positive overseas. (12/31)

Air NZ stops serving food, drink. Will others? (12/31)

Reasons to avoid travel to Israel now. (12/31)

CDC warns against cruises, even if vax'd. (12/31)

Don't be a "Rising Star", "Code Oscar". (12/30)

Returning from overseas w/ expired US passport. (12/30)

Bathroom quarantine on an airplane. (12/30)

What to do if you leave item in rental car. (12/30)

How to prove vax status overseas. (12/30)

Jet stream affecting flight times. (12/30)

Over- and under-rated travel destinations. (12/29)

Hotel resort fees. (12/28)

Flight delayed/cancelled? What to do. (12/28)

How to avoid being charged w/ rental car theft. (12/28)

How to extend an expiring airline voucher. (12/28)

Air France may ban eating & drinking. (12/28)

Pilot Error: 777 nearly crashed? (12/28)

Odd testing in developing nations. (12/27)

Chase 5/24 rule explained. (12/27)

Qantas returns huge A380s to service in Jan. (12/27)

Airport chapels and chaplains. ABIA. (12/26)

Negative review of Kiwi booking site. (12/25)

How to get refunds if your flight is cancelled. (12/25)

If your hotel closes/folds before your trip. (12/25)

3800+ flights cancelled. How to get refunds. (12/25)

Pax need booster for some international travel. (12/24)

US to reopen borders to African nations. (12/24)

Scott McCartney's final WSJ "Middle Seat". 747. (12/24)

TSA to accept Apple Wallet IDs. (12/24)

United & others cancelling flights due to covid. (12/24)

Online passport renewal experience. (12/24)

Mask comparisons. (12/23)

About rental car insurance from Chase CCs. (12/23)

How to get bumped from a flight. (12/23)

Deadly air rage incident in August 2000. (12/23)

How to avoid checking a bag. (12/23)

Scam attempt in New Orleans. (12/23)

LAX AA lounge staff vote to strike. (12/23)

Some jokes just write themselves. (12/22)

FYI: FAA reports 5,664 unruly pax in 2021. (12/22)

Qatar Airways cabin crew back in PPE gear. (12/22)

Checked bags often late on AA. (12/22)

What airline cabin crew know about you. (12/22)

How to access lounges: AA, Alaska, DL, United (12/22)

Australia, Thai, Singapore visitor restrictions. (12/22)

Skip-the-TSA-line programs comparison. Note. (12/22)

Israel close to approving 4th jab for >60 yo. (12/21)

aeroLOPA is best airline seat selection tool. (12/21)

Unruly pax may lose PreCheck. (12/21)

United offers free messaging (Whatsapp, FB, etc. (12/21)

Vietnam to re-open to vax'd pax  Jan 1. (12/21)

No/reduced ice on AA flights. (12/21)

UK may return to lockdown, ban travel. (12/21)

Example of why some hotel reviews are bogus. (12/21)

India airlines give 10-20% disc'nt to vax'd pax. (12/21)

How to cancel flights, hotels, etc. (12/21)

Easy way to find award flights on BA. (12/21)

US Passport fee said to go up $20 on Dec. 27. (12/20)

PLAY (like WOW) to fly BWI, BOS to Europe. (12/20)

If your flight is delayed / cancelled. (12/20) is good site for train info. Review. (12/20)

London LHR pax charges increase Jan & July. (12/20)

10% discount on Southwest, Hawaiian tix. (12/20)

Bad news if your boarding pass says SSSS. (12/20)

BA cancels many flights due to no staff. (12/20)

Dr. Fauci thinks masks on planes will continue. (12/20)

Israel bans travel to US over Omicron variant. (12/20)

What If You Test Positive While Traveling? (12/19)

BA to fly huge A380s to DFW, etc. this summer. (12/19)

Nomadic Matt says 'no more Airbnb!' (12/19)

Airbnb & VRBO share 'party house' problem lists. (12/19)

45 things airline pilots wish pax knew. (12/19)

From HEL to arctic cold for just €41 r/t. (12/19)

AA real meals in First will return next month. (12/19)

Antarctica Bridge $18K fly-cruise tour. (12/19)

Netherlands is in strict lockdown. Boosters. (12/19)

Map of all public toilets in NYC. (12/19)

Airline docks FF miles for bad behavior in lounge. (12/19)

Award Wallet removes AA. Workaround. (12/19)

Jerusalema dance videos by airline staffs. (12/19)

French Bee airline cheap, crowded Paris flights. (12/18)

Anti-vax ranter kicked off Ryanair flight. (12/18)

Package deliveries while you are out of town. (12/18)

Things all hotel rooms should have. (12/18)

How to find covid test in foreign country. (12/18)

Southwest Airlines CEO has covid. (12/18)

Seven useful apps for travel. (12/18)

Medical emergency during a flight. (12/18)

CDC to give free covid test kits at airports. (12/17)

AA's slow demise. Read the comments. (12/17)

PLAY airline, Boston to London $56++ (12/17)

Croatia to join Schengen "border-less" zone. (12/17)

Amazing, fast new airport TSA scanners. (12/17)

Rental car rules for toll roads. (12/17)

"Free" flights on Frontier. (12/17)

Southwest has opened sched to Sept 5 (12/17)

Rankings of US airlines. (Avoid Frontier) 12/16)

AA cuts 9 long-haul routes. (12/16)

Hertz extorted the wrong customer? (12/16)

Women's underwear not OK as masks on UA. (12/16)

Phone #s for all Global Entry centers. (12/16)

Humans at AAA offices sell, explain Allianz ins. (12/16)

Free winter prepare kits from Austin Water. (12/16)

Good 3M N95 masks at Home Depot. (12/16)

Plans to have passport renewals online. (12/15)

Baggage handler falls asleep in plane's cargo hold. (12/15)

CDC puts Italy, Greenland, Mauritius on bad list. (12/15)

How AA deals w/ unruly pax. (12/14)

Don't fly AA to India. (12/14)

Buy AA FF miles just $0.04 each? Cheap status. (12/14)

How a frequent flyer preps for departure. (12/13)

ABIA restroom has clear view from planes. (12/12)

How to extend flight credits and vouchers. (12/12)

AA going all-in on trans-Atlantic routes. (12/12)

St. Kitts & Nevis lift travel restrictions for vax'd. (12/12)

Police seize $100K from pax at Dallas Love. (12/11)

AA lacks planes to fly full sched to Europe? (12/10)

Delta sneaks in changes to Basic Economy. (12/9)

Netherlands to require covid boosters in Feb. (12/9)

Southwest Airlines opens schedule to June 4. (12/9)

Persistent problems w/ British Air. (12/9)

Update Global Entry after passport renewal? (12/9)

Switzerland drops quarantines. (12/8)

Joy at news that AA CEO Doug Parker to retire. (12/7)

AA "fully refundable" tickets have $500 penalty? (12/7)

Self-driving airport wheelchairs coming? (12/6)

Need to Know: Chip + PIN credit cards. (12/6)

US may loosen Africa travel ban. (12/6)

Iraqi Airways buying 30 more planes. (12/6)

Marriage Saver Idea: "No Fault on Travel Day." (12/5)

Register online for tomorrow night's Rick Steves. (12/5)

Nations vax'd Americans can visit w/o restrictions. (12/5)

PanAm ceased flying 30 years ago. (12/5)

Reminder: Use Google Flights to find deals. (12/5)

Geo Clooney declines 1d $35m airline ad job. (12/5)

How to visit the UK. (12/5)

Singapore to require 8 tests of vax'd visitors. (12/4)

Cruise ship etc. pax exempt from new covid rules. (12/4)

Risky "Uber Shuttle" scam at airports. (12/4)

Puddle of ??? on "cleaned" airline seat. (12/4)

Fake in-flight credit card pitch (humorous). (12/4)

Rick Steves discusses European travel. (12/4)

Allegiant to link w/ low-cost Mexican airline. (12/3)

Caribbean vs. Bahamas cruises. (12/3)

All about at-home covid tests. (12/3)

Qantas award-travel-only flights. (12/3)

Must test w/i 1d before return to America. (12/3)

Most powerful airfare search engine improved. (12/2)

Reasons why Austin is so popular. (12/2)

Health insurance for travelers. (12/2)

Cruise ship disembarkation tips. (12/2) 

Frontier Airlines offers status match for $49. (12/1)

US to reduce 3d to 1d test time for return. (12/1)

What to do if stranded overseas by covid. (12/1)


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