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As our name implies, we are (mostly) retired folks (singles and couples) who live in and around the Austin area and who all  share a love for the Adventures of Travel.
    All you need is the desire to travel, or hear from other travelers. That's it!     Join us at our next event! 

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Carolyn Barkley's Blog!

Carolyn Barkley, one of our most seasoned travelers, writes a very interesting Travel Blog about her extensive travels, complete with photos.     Check it out!

 Ann Cabot Discovers Réunion

Ann Cabot
discovered a picturesque, though remote island named Réunion.   Governed by France, the island lies East of Madagascar, off the East coast of Southern Africa.  
   Link to view Réunion photos

our Next Travel Chat Event... 

Our next Travel Chat meeting is scheduled for 2 PM on Thursday, October 21, 2021. Contact Ann at to be added to the notification email list.
At this time it is planned for the meeting to be in person as well as on Zoom.
In Person: Vaccinated members can meet in person at the WellMed Center at 706 W Ben White Blvd. in south Austin. The driveway into the parking lot is on the westbound feeder road of Ben White (290) just west of South First Street.  We meet in the conference room of the Senior Community Center, room 125A.
Zoom: Please email Ann ( in advance if you plan to use the Zoom option and do not already have the login link.

Future travel chats are scheduled for 2pm on Nov. 18 and Dec. 16, 2021.


Southwest Airlines Companion Pass info. Great value! (10/23)

Thailand opens to vax'd pax Nov. 1. (10/23)

"Old Man" airport behaviors. (10/23)

Airline sells mystery flights from vending machines. (10/23)

Ryanair bans pax who got CC pandemic refunds. (10/23)

NCL Bahamas cruise tested all pax, then masks not req'd. (10/21)

US may open to vax'd Brits on Nov 8. Maybe EU, Asians too. (10/15)

Delta offers super fast wifi for only $5. (10/15)

Switz to charge $32 for vax passport. (10/15)

$300+ r/t winter fares to Scandinavia. (10/15)

United to have 5 cool new 2022 destinations. (10/15)

Air service to Afghanistan cut. (10/15)

Giant A380 planes back in service on BA, Qatar, Singapore. (10/15)

Sydney, Australia welcomes vax'd pax from Nov 1. (10/15)

Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil shows are back ("O" is excellent!) (10/14)

NYC Circle Line evening cruise around Manhattan. (10/14)

Possible SWA vax protest Monday. Future strikes? (10/14)

Anti-mask AK senator, banned from AK Airlines, has covid. (10/14)

United CEO has "advice" for American CEO. (10/14)

Ryanair allegedly extorting its own pax. Cute 50 pence video! (10/14)

Misc about vax mandates for airline staff. (10/14)

Hotels may start charging for daily housekeeping. (10/14)

Southwest sending $$ vouchers to affected pax (I got $250!) 10/14

American Airlines and JetBlue begin reciprocal benefits. (10/14)

Singapore opens to some vax'd Americans Oct 19. (10/9)

Check for price drops after you've booked travel. (10/9)

Some good Fall hikes in US and Canada (10/8)

Travel Blogger Buzz is an offbeat travel blog, worth reading. (10/8)

Europe's 6 best walking cities. (10/7)

How is Adult Space Camp? (10/7)

Austin - Honolulu just $275 r/t. 1 stop outbound, n/s return. (10/7)

Lufthansa ends free liquor on long flights, will sell snacks. (10/7)

How to get a European health pass. (10/7)

Google Flights now shows environmental impact. (10/7)

Austin as a Focus City for American Airlines (AA)? (10/6)

Just 1 pax on 7 hr flight from Abu Dhabi to Singapore. (10/6)

Nov 24 vax deadline for AA employees. Cancellations? (10/6)

Canada to require all plane, train, cruise pax be vax'd. (10/6)

American Airlines unaccompanied minors info. (10/5)

Air New Zealand requires pax be vax'd. "No jab, no fly." (10/5)

2021 Chicago Seminars (virtual this year) rescheduled. (10/5)

UK entry changes went live this morning. (10/4)

Govt says all airline staff must be vax'd. (10/3)

European airlines now will refund for covid-cancelled flights. (10/3)

JetBlue says it's better than partner AA. (10/3)

American Airlines makes one mistake after another. (10/3)

Running late, man phones in bomb threat to delay flight. (10/3)

Airport pet boarding facilities. (10/3)

Australia to admit Americans by Christmas. (10/1)

New answers on covid safety on airliners. (9/29)

Get an E-ZPass for use in rental cars. (9/29)

SWA Companion Pass status match on Air Canada. (9/29)

Air Traffic Control if govt shuts down. (9/29)

More hotels requiring vax proof (9/29)

United begins firing 593 (of 67,000) who refuse vax. (9/29(

More air marshalls to curb air rage? (9/29)

An amazing Airbnb in Italy (9/28)

Thailand to reduce quarantine to 7d for vax'd. (9/27)

New sleeper train networks planned for Europe. (9/26)

Blog w/ many lists what to do in various cities / areas. (9/26)

Former NHL player sues AA, claims was assaulted by FA. (9/26)

Get National Car Rental Executive Elite status free & EZ. (9/26)

Get ur passport stamped when entering a country. (9/25)

How to Travel to the UK from man w/ lots of experience. (9/25)

One man's way to beat jetlag. (9/25)

American Airlines ran Twitter promo, didn't expect this. (9/25)

Info about DIY covid tests. (9/25)

Los Angeles theme parks, bars, etc. will require vax. (9/25)

Canada keeping current entry rules to Nov 21. (9/25)

How to get French 'Pass Sanitaire' vax passport quickly. (9/25)

Cancel For Any Reason insurance info. (9/25)

Credit card trip insurance compared. (9/25)

Dangerous suicidal pax episode on JetBlue flight. (9/24)

ABIA ranks near middle in traveler satisfaction. (9/24)

Delta wants to ban anti-mask pax from all airlines. (9/24, 25)


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