Retired Austin Travelers
Activities During the Pandemic
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our lively, face-to-face travel talks have been cancelled until it's over.  However, being the diehard travelers that we are, we have found a way to meet and talk travel--virtually.  Each month, we will be able to share photos and stories from an amazing trip.  Ann Cabot has graciously agreed to set up and run a system allowing us to use the online "Zoom" program, which allows us to see and hear both the presentation and also each other from our home computers!
       So, we welcome you to join us from the comfort of your home, to enjoy these show-and-tell travel adventures via your computer or Smartphone.
       Sessions will begin September 24th when we'll share a trip to Antarctica. Then another adventure October 15th, another is scheduled for November 19th, and then again on December 17th.    All sessions will begin at 2:00 pm on the dates indicated.
       ADDITIONAL PLANS... During the week following each of the above events, Ann also plans to host an hour long Zoom meeting in which participants will be able to share travel advice, destinations info and our aspirations.  Email reminders will be sent to all who have requested to be added to our Zoom List.   See the How To information below.

how To Participate in Our zoom meetings

To participate in the sessions,  just use Ann Cabot's email link: and tell Ann you want to be notified of upcoming dates & times for all virtual travel talks (via Zoom).  In your email to Ann, just say, "Add me to your Zoom List"  She will then send out notifications with instructions, to all who have made this request that will include the link they will need to join each Zoom session online, via either your computer or Smartphone.  Thank you Ann!

NOTE: Both events are secure and easy to join.  We hope you can join us and share this new experience of travel adventures.