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SCUBA Diver's Corner...
This page is dedicated to SCUBA Divers among us. There are several divers in the RATs Group and we will add any photo albums and/or videos made available to us.  The three videos below were shot and edited by our webmaster Phil... If you'd like to add yours, just   Contact Phil to add your photos/video 

3 Videos - Diving The Wall... Stingray City... the Caves of Cayman Islands

Video... Stingray City... Grand Cayman Islands

Video... Diving The Caves of Cayman...

If you have some Underwater Photos or Video that you would like to share on this site, just click  the button below and contact Phil about it.  Tell him what you have and he'll make all the arrangement to get them posted for you.

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Most of the photos and video were taken during a one week "Live Aboard" diving trip Phil took a few years back aboard The Cayman Aggressor. 
The Aggressor Fleet extends to many other excellent dive locations as well.

Phil says his Cayman Aggressor experience. "Sure made a lasting impression... the beautiful water, excellent food and very careful attention to detail, burned this trip into my memory as a truly great adventure!"   Phil Landrum