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These Helpful Links are to websites that our members have found to be helpful for planning their travels.  This Does Not constitute an endorsement of any of the service providers or businesses listed.  Always consider the fact that everyone's experience with any particular service may not be the same.  Always do your own research and use your own best judgment.  These do represent good experiences by members.  RATsOnline receives no compensation for providing these links.

Avoiding Travel Scams

Miles gave us this link from one of the travel bloggers about travel scams and he has received over 50 comments. It's a very interesting collections of stories. Check it out with the button below. 

Cruise Fish

Miles Abernathy came across this nice resource for folks who like to take cruises. It's a website that notifies you whenever there is a price drop on a cruise you're planning to take. The site does charge $4.95 for alerts on up to 5 separate cruises (@ 99 cents each).

Air Fare Watch Dog

Air Fare Watch Dog is a site that will help with finding out all the changes in Luggage seat choice fares that are
Then there's shows flights in a new, intuitive, very useful way. When you see it you'll say,
       "Why didn't I think of this?!"
      Have fun!  From Miles Abernathy

Tauck World Discovery...

I have found traveling with Tauck World Discovery gives both quality and value. Their guests are always #1 with this 85-year-old family owned company. Tauck has spent years perfecting the best possible experiences for their guests.
I have taken 21 tours with Tauck and will be glad to discuss ( by email ) Tauck Tours with anyone having questions.

We have used Frommers books and website for several trips we've taken.
In our experience, the information provided has proven to be accurate, practical and very helpful.

We last used Frommers for a 38 day adventure through Turkey, Greece and Italy back in 2007.   For questions about our experiences, contact us by email.
                Phil & June Landrum

Rick Steves... Travel Tips

Rick Steves' Travel Tips and Extensive  informational site, covering virtually every aspect of travel.

Has a good reputation for accurate, useful information.

Budget Travel...

Budget Travel magazine is online in a very nice format that's easy to navigate and read.  They have many good travel ideas and timely tips.  Check it out.

Travel To The Edge...

Great Travel Photography Site based on PBS show "Travels to the Edge" $ Exchange info site will tell you what a dollar is worth at your destination plus other helpful info.

Planning A Holy Land Trip?

If you're thinking about a Holy Land Tour, be sure to check out this travel tip from Pat Murphree.
     Pat says,  "I have a friend who works for National Geographic and they work together on tours of the Holy Land and she highly recommends this service.  
I spent a while on their website today and found it interesting.  They do trips for religious groups (all religions), and some of these arranged trips are open to the public. 

Go With Jo...

Several members have taken Bus Tours into Mexico using Go With Jo. They are based out of Harlingen TX. Reports have been very good.

Seat Expert...

Use this excellent site to find your seats on any flight and also which seats are considered to be the best seats... and why.

The Seat Guru...

Also shows the best seats on each type of plane flown by various airlines around the world.

Medjet Assist...

World-wide Travel Evacuation Insurance.

Domestic air medical evacuation averages $10,000 to $20,000, and internationally, it can exceed $75,000. Always valuate for your own situation.

Travel 2 India...

An Indian Travel Company that I used on a trip to India in 2004. They did a great job. This link take you straight to the Newsletter page "Creatively Yours" on their website.
 Questions? Email  Pat Murphree...

Overseas Adventure Travel...

I have taken 14 trips with the Overseas Adventure Travel... obviously very happy.
Questions? Email Pat Murphree...

Luggage Online...

This site they features links to what they claim are the 50 best travel websites online.

Caravan... escorted tours

Several people from our group have traveled with Caravan and have been very pleased with the results.

Legends of America...

For our RV friends. Tips and loads of travel information...

Google Earth...

Just type in your destination and this site will give you pictures and locations so you can orient yourself before leaving home.
      You will need to download the Google Earth Program (free) and install it on your computer before you can utilize it.  This is truly an amazing program.

Know Local Time Worldwide

For various reasons it's often useful to know the time difference between at home and the country you're visiting..

Enter, "" website.  Then click on the country of choice from the list provided and you will see the local date and time at any location in the world!

Travelex Currency Services

Exchange foreign currency at your local Travelex branch for great rates on currency before or after your next trip. Travelex is the world's largest retail foreign currency exchange specialist, with over 1000 stores around the world. We can provide you with over 75 foreign currencies.

PHONE : (512) 330-0112
LOCATION:  Kiosk on Lower Level of Barton Creek Mall, by Dillard's wing near the Men's Wearhouse.
HOURS : Mon thru Sat: 10:00am-9:00pm
                Sun: 12:00 noon-6:00pm

Currency Exhange Calculator

Currency Exchange Calculator
Many countries will anxiously accept US Dollar directly for purchases. However, you'd be well advised have a clear idea of the exchange rate otherwise you may be overpaying for what the merchant is actually willing to sell the item for.

World Weather...

We all would like to know the weather patterns of where we are going.

This site gives current weather forecasts and future for up to a month ahead.

Cruise Critic...

Cruise reviews and news that has proven reliable. Always let us know if you find out differently.

Sixth Star Entertainment

Similar to "To Sea With Z" -- get reduced rates travel by giving lectures or presentations.

Important Notice...

Please Note that RatsOnline receives no funds or free services for any referrals made on this site.   They are all provided strictly as a courtesy to our members and our website visitors.

Our meds abroad?
Stay Legal!

Having good information about the medications you take with you to other countries could save you  a LOT of trouble.  Some perfectly legal medications in the U.S., may prove to be illegal in several other countries!  Be sure to check!